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They marched down the field and scored he's. We still don't know what you're getting. We week to week from Josh Allen and that's to me. That's the reason why the Patriots are going to be the heavy favorites next week marks right that their defense the bills defense gives them a chance and when when they did finally take the lead this is when you know Dan was saying this is a great progress check for Josh Allen and then they took the lead and marks. I said let's see if Andy Dalton has anything in his human body at this point. You really thought it was like after years Andy Dalton. Please show me something with the game on the line yeah and he and he threw an interception when the the you know what it's to me you go in three. You look talking. AFC teams in the Ravens and the Patriots and the chiefs who are looking simply unstoppable and the bengals have had is a bad of a start to the season they could have imagined after I thought a really frisky performance warm and weak one. They had a chance to win. This game and all would have required was the offense to do their part and they couldn't. It's a tough ask against Buffalo's defense but for me. I just want to see a few more like Dawson knocks. They've compared with Jeremy shockey. He is an interesting player. I don't know if I'd call him. Jeremy Shaw the field as well not sure about the off the field elements but Josh Allen. Hey that'd rebounding touchdown in a Super Bowl Jeremy shockey for you. GotTa go get slept on sometime. I like this bill. They're fun like it's the League needs more. Even if they're not a super bowl type team it's impossible not to enjoy how well they're coached and how they've lived up to any sort of offset they were getting a little buzz in the off season and they could have gone one too and we beat forget about them. It's the opposite I just WanNa know what Andy Dalton did to poor mark. I mean what he said on air is very professional. Just like you said going into this show but the invective you've sent Salton about this status and you know I call them Adeline on international I emily well. It's just it's the same old story from Andy. Dalton and Bengals fans can come at me and they're all upset that we're too negative about them but it's the same narrative over and over and you know who has a different sort. SORTA bengals this who you've invested in your in your offensive lineman you're but we do know who he is. He's good enough at at this time. Last year. We were talking about how he won three straight fourth quarter comebacks and that's why they started three in one. He was super card well. There's going to be a good team around this little pockets like that from Alden but it's just I. I don't know how what if I had Holly Hobby at backup. I might throw her into see what can happen in a game. Just maybe something different all right. Let's I don't know who that is. Who's Holly Ali Hobby. It's like a child's doll. Oh typically girls doll boy could have the doll to from what I understand why you're making eye contact with me like I don't know how Hobby Dole it. I did the real thing. It's a real around. I mean it was it was it was a thriving article a toy back in the day. Jeremy shockey that touchdown for the saints it was with the Saints yes that was they had the go ahead touchdown. He had to go ahead and touch them when they beat the colts. Okay thank you very much all right. we mentioned the new mainland. Patriots who have the big match against the bills but I they had to take care of business against the downtrodden. AFC East quote unquote rival onto the throne road of sleaze this shell the CEO back first in ten from the twenty five of all on the line. Hash Izzo motions tight sand under center parents the play pick the Michelle Creek. Go download a light up doors right to the five twenty four touchdown patriots. That's Bob Soichi of the Patriots Radio Network. We don't need to hear from you. Zolak this week so I go to disgrace last week. Oh Hey good pay kit Antonio Brown welcome to the neighbourhood kid you grow up Tom. Brady Gabriel touchdown passes including that connection with Bill Dorset and the pats didn't allow offense touch such after the third straight week in thirty fourteen win over the hapless New York football jets it was business as usual for the Patriots who rolled to three and two days after their misguided uncouth Antonio Brown experiment ended with the wide receivers release as expected. This wasn't much of a game even give the jets credit for at least keeping it from turning into a disaster at least their defense the jets offenses fences lost as an offense could be right now. They had about one hundred total yards in this game. Both their scores one was on a muffed punt and the other was a pick six by Jamal Adams. Yes I'm just happy. Jamal Adams had something to be happy about. that's where I'm at right now they go into their by it. Oh and three and hope to have SAM darnold back in week five against the eagles where they can I'm kind of regroup as for the Patriots very much business as usual they they are limited right now on offense a little bit because they have the injuries. He's on the offensive line as we said Antonio Brown is no longer in the picture. Julian Edelman leaves this game with a chest injury. I believe they did tests and it's not believe it sounds like he's GonNa be okay anything too serious but that's where they are right now. They didn't really move the ball to well on the ground. Brady started off red hot cooled off as things went along but at that point the game is already well in hand so the Patriots Take Care of business. They're going to evolve right now. They're much different than last year. I think Brady is playing lights out and the rest of the offense isn't quite there yet but he's played. He played this three game stretch. I think is better and certainly the the schedule has helped but better than any three-game stretch of his personal performance during last regular season they also gave up one hundred and five yards in this game which was the lowest us than the bill belichick era so their defense. It'll be fun to watch them against them. You know they're gonNA play much better competition but right now. Jamie Collins has been such a huge addition for what they do. I mean a year ago. Jamie Collins whispers were that he was not even trying playing for the browns so I don't know obviously they've flipped the switch on him big surprise but they're up two hundred yards to eight heading into the second quarter against the jets and I you know it's easy to pile on the jets but it's the kind of season with the way that it's going right now that yes I realize you don't have darnold in there but it's been about as concerning a six-day stretch as you could imagine for a team in in with the way the depending on this plays plays out. I wonder if Adam case gets a second season unless they unless they start to do what you'd think that they hired him to do. I mean the offense is devolving gene and you worry about a guy like levy on long over and I know I'm not again not trying to pile on but Dan amai wrong. I feel I believe earning that like it couldn't have gone on worse obviously the first three games of the season however he's not all to blame the offensive line which he didn't put together has been worse-than-expected then expected. They started their third starting quarterback in three weeks. LUKAC is not an NFL player and there's nothing if you go to New England the best defense in the league with the quarterback that's on an NFL quarterback. There's no way you're gonNA move the ball now. I don't want to let gays off the hook because in addition to the offensive line being wretched and the quarterback position being a travesty and a horrible situation for the franchise the playcalling has been bad but I don't know how much put into that because what he's supposed to do when you have this type setup so basically you hit the dynamite you push down on the on the lever. Everything explodes your season as a contender quote unquote is over you hope to get darnold back and then. I really think gets a chance to say I'm not a joke. I'm not the problem here but I think the pressures on him as soon as they get out of this guy to show something on offense and getting darnold back would be a big lift for toward that goal. Patriots opponents are Oh and nine this year right. I don't think they've been tested for two straight weeks. You can't take anything really out of these games. I've been really disheartened by Bill Belichick and I've lost so much respect for him in the last two or three weeks. The Guy who's mantra is do your job treats these press conferences and interviews like a child like an absolute child who will not take any responsibility will not answer why they signed. Antonio Brown will not answer why they released. Antonio Brown just handles like an absolute child having a fit and you won't explain why you did this. I just I have no respect left for him. Yeah the the interview. I think probably that setting off with Dana Jacobson ups and before the game is tough to watch them staring staring her down the timing of the release you know they clearly made a a smart move to get rid of them based on you know what's happened even since he joined the team. I I believe that the leak which was self serving that they did not know no the allegations that were about to happen one day after they signed him because of course you would not sign a person and given that sort of money a day before that's going to drop but the the process they went through after that fact to have him active last week was really strange and it does sound like the the text text or the DMZ Brown sent to his accuser of the Bobby Clem Co Story Great Journalism by Robert Clump. Go was basically what got him cut from. The Patriots treats because that happened when he was on it was a little gross just to see everyone from Tom. Brady on cozy up to M- the way they did after they knew what was out there and there are a lot of patriots hatred fans who I'm sure you've heard the same are glad he's not on the team anymore. It only everyone can be put in the same bundle in that. I would assume most they're relieved. I mean the lobby clip. Go said journalists is just in his jobs also getting docks on the Internet for what it's worth for outing brown for his creep behavior but and by the way I can put Philip on the field. This guy gets better each and every week. You don't need Antonio Brown the the thing with bell check with the press conferences. The Jacobson thing was just uncalled for right. I don't know what he was going for their but the fact that he would he walked off from his last press conference that came shortly before the release. It's as if he believed that because he's bill checking second because they're the patriots he wouldn't have to be answering these type of questions which should have been a foregone conclusion. If you bring this manage your building that becomes part of your experiences head coach coach and your organization it almost felt like he thought he was above that but you weren't bill your job and and I think one of the reasons they caught him as him having to deal with the Patriots Sir okay. There are a great team. They're three and they're steaming towards January again but this was not a good look for the organization. I don't care if they didn't get they don't get hit in the wallet on it and it looks like they'll be able to get out of the contract and they'll move on because they're so good at moving on but this. I believe was one thing I mean. Belichick gets too much of a free pass for treating reading the media this way because if another coach who hadn't won as much as he had treated reporters this way would be a major story. I mean you can't get away with that. Dismiss the behavior but because it's bill belichick it's part of it's baked into his charm. I guess to some that he dismisses the press this way it's a joke to most and on and on the Antonio Brown front he then fires off an array of tweets on Sunday morning taking shots at a bunch of people including Robert Kraft a reference to his prostitution arrest also Ben Roethlisberger's past issues with women basically hitting out and then challenging aging I guess the Players Association to fight for me because they team should be able to take away my guaranteed money well. Nobody's playing the violin for you know on the deleted business eight boom has because his agent probably is like you are taking money out of no one would be screen capturing those tweets your find by tweeting deleting all right. Let us move on another undefeated team. The Green Bay packers slack to the left side. They stack those two receivers devante potato tandem from forty jumping into the neutral zone pre player so it appears rainbows peak down the Dome Park West Delta Gambling Forty yard mark was built gambling the Great Wayne Larry. The for the packers radio network.

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