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Charlotte voters away dot com or call eight hundred four five five games dug maxwell newstalk eleven ten wpg drives aybar traffic the club to clear scott a start to the dane of one sunday departed cloudy later on a hot ninety five tonight's clouds down year seventy demar mostly sunny ninety five and a hot start to the weekend if you clouds on saturday with highs in the nineties front comes through without much fanfare no rain what it has in basically falls apart for brings us slightly cooler chapters operators on sunday partly cloudy i meteorologist re stages from a weather channel newstalk eleven ten wpg at right now it's partly cloudy sixty seven brought hill sixty eight you knocked out a man wanted for killing his son then critically winning is ex wife before then using facebook to admit to the attack has been found dead in a colombia motel room police tracked earl valentine's cellphone the found him did from a self inflicted like the gunshot wound to killings tuesday in orlando north carolina up to the virginia border valentine in her son had move to after leaving charlotte when the restraining order against her husband expired hillary clinton and donald trump went back to back in a canada form last night in new york city each getting thirty minutes to make their case and take questions from the audience and a town hall style event shown on nbc clinton sushi took responsibility for her vote in support of the rock warren accuse proper refusing to take responsibility for his singapore is awarded before it happened he supported as it was happening and he is on record as supporting it after it happened in cincy never support of the iraq wore the us olympic committee and usa swimming expected announced today ryan lucky in three other swimmers we'll be suspended for the incident at the rio olympics with a claim they were rob did gun point voting rights activist in north carolina say they're closely watching anna prepared to go back to federal court if the gop led stay board of elections places restrictions on early voting collection board slated to meet today they federal appeals court recently rules state lawmakers intentionally discriminate against black voters by reducing early voting options and opposing other restrictions in washington the house finds devote before the week here's out on legislation that would allow families of not eleven victims the su the government of saudi arabia over the attack the senate pass to build earlier in the year three people killed into small planes collided at mid air wednesday an earlier poured in western georgia happening carroll ten.

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