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When we talk about something like masks gotta understand right now from a medical standpoint. There are two big concerns right. One is the thing that is clearly on. Everyone's mind this huge rise. In cases so big starts to overflow and then boom boom you ventilator shortages treatable cases become fatal cases hospitals nearby at the extra patients that they run out of their ventilators at creates this wave. That's one concern. The other big worry. Is that even if this feels under control by June. Say we still don't have a vaccine right. If we all resume business as usual we could see cycles of this. Someone walks into their choir rehearsal somewhere and all of a sudden forty-five new people habit. That city is often running. In both of these cases officials say it is imperative to spread these events out as much as possible. That's the whole idea of flatten the curve on the so called front lines of this battle. There are people who know their risk to honest. I'm time find for my life. No they might get this virus and just anxious about what's to come. Goal is to keep them from getting it quickly to keep them from getting it all at once really put in a position where we have to do a job of really want to do all. We don't have the supplies to do that. Job Right who we are already. Starting to see. Healthcare workers get sick in large numbers. Worried that they might spread it to their colleagues. Abc's chief national correspondent. Matt Gutman. Matt What Are you hearing from? Doctors and nurses doctors and nurses are very concerned right now. They understand that you know. We use the term on the Front Lines. But they've really are and In some places like Ohio now number twenty percent of the Cova positive patients. That's a pretty high number the projection. Is We start really getting slammed into weeks but may not even hit hit the peak until mid-may and even the use of p. p. e. which they're trying to adhere to a very very strictly is apparently not enough people are still getting sick? Munster doctors and nurses die no standard chance as we die you die and that is the truth man when somebody does get sick like say a nurse in hospital are they. Are they done for weeks for months? Unusual circumstances you tell them like. Take all the time you need but here I get the sense. They feel the need to come back. Well there's good news and there's bad news right. The bad news is that people are terrified. I'm thirty five years old and for the first time in my life as concerned whether or not I need to read a will bear a recording videos to their children. I just really need this to be over and I need. Ppe's so that. I can protect my family. The bright side is that many of the doctors and nurses who are getting ill and pulling through especially those with mild symptoms. Feel like now that they have the they may be able to go on the front lines and be impervious to the virus. They can be even more helpful than they ever imagined. They could be and so one doctor. I spoke to New York Dr Derek. Carr's said I'm super happy about this when I come back. I'm going to be the best frontline worker. We have 'cause I know I'm not going to get sick from this. And that's like they're confident in that sciences there for that Matt. They're confident they're not certain. Still you know if this virus holds and and acts like every other virus. We've known that should be the case. Obviously the major fear. Brad is that we will have mutations different. Strains different strains means that even people who caught the initial novel Corona Virus Gobert nineteen could be susceptible to the next strain and last question for you what our state and local governments than asking for these hospitals. Because I get that. They all want respirator masks and breathing machines but how does that work who gets prioritized? Who gets what they want? The people will get prioritized are the rich and connected. The bottom line is that we're getting all these reports of hundreds of MBA players and employees getting tests while tests are still scarce to the American Public Burke Year in California Elon. Musk Richard Branson who flew in a seven forty seven full of protective gear from China. Just for the governor of California. Those are the people who are able to obtain it to pay high market prices. The valuation and the cost of the P P now coming out of China is inflated anywhere from ten to seventy times the previous cost it is crazy uncoordinated and competitive and it shouldn't be this way and I spoke to Mayor Garcetti about this and he said and what do you do. If you're a small town you know in Oklahoma trying to find masks. What do you do if your state doesn't have the political juice or doesn't have a manufacturing base or a port like we do so anyone who can pay and can tap pipeline to fly this personal protective material and Equipment Bhakti not states? They're the ones who have it and the poor unconnected states they're going to have to make do and that's why we're seeing so many in places like Georgia in the middle of the country are starting to manufacture their own. Pp and even beyond the lifesaving stuff you talked about how nervous medical workers are that don't know they have cove in nineteen. We still don't know president trump still not able to give a timeline on when truly everyone who wants a test can get one matt. Thanks much expert and actually get more from. Abc's Eva Pilgrim because we've talked about those ambulance sirens in places like New York well. Those ambulances are driven by emergency workers and EVA. You've been seeing a spike in cases among those workers themselves. What's going on? Yeah we spoke with some of the mess workers and they tell us that more than twenty percent of their staff. Here the Fire Department staff here in New York City is out sick right now. Every day I've come into work. There's another person two or three who were out sick. Either confirmed positive cove in nineteen cases or with symptoms that are similar to Cova nineteen cases. And they haven't been tested. Our numbers absolutely of positive members do not reflect how many of our members actually have this virus right now. Last night we hit seventy two hundred twelve. We broke another record muscle. This is in large part because every single day multiple times a day Bayer interacting with people who think they have cove in nineteen or who know they have Cova one thousand nine hundred and need to go back to the hospital. We spoke with an ems worker who survived nine. Eleven survived stage four lung cancer because of what he was exposed to nine eleven. He said the air was clean down. There you don't need the masks. Look what happened everybody? We know what's going on here. And he knows every day that he goes out here and he interacts with these people who are sick and potentially have cove in nineteen or have Cova nineteen because they've gotten a positive result back. He's putting himself at risk. If I'm around somebody would cigarette. The cigarette smoke closes up my lungs and this could attack me and kill the difference though for them and they tell us. This is scarier than nine. Eleven because nine eleven was confined to one space. This encompasses the whole city respect. Everybody is a colon. Nineteen you could be set on a call where it's a car accident and you get there and you discover that the accident happened because someone was rushing to the hospital because they have someone in the car who has cove in nineteen symptoms. So you wouldn't technically don protective equipment. But we are in our. They'd suiting up for all those calls when somebody says I got a sneezing or something. Do they get suited up? What are they do Brad? This was the part that surprised me. The most they are wearing gloves. They are wearing a mask and they wear a face shield and basically what looks to me like a hospital gown them gown basically only covers your area. And it's it's disgraceful. And that is what they wear when they go into a known cova patients home when the person says. I think I have it. In all the other circumstances they're going in with just a face mask and the gloves family actually made the decision the other day not to see my son and I don't know what I'll see him again. Some of them are sleeping in their cars and not going home because they're too afraid that if they go home they run the risk of infecting their family and their loved ones last night. He asked me. You say when you're GONNA cut when you're gonNA come get me when everybody stops going to come sick only stopped going to heaven. That's when come get you. The other interesting thing they told us was if someone passes away and they have corona virus type symptoms but they haven't received the test. Those people aren't getting tested Because there aren't enough tests at this point. So they're saving those tests for the people who are alive and in the hospital unreal stuff. Eva Pilgrim in New York. Thanks so much. Thanks.

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