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I think just the the deep conversations the meaningful conversations in and even you know one of the guys that saying that this is. This is a big this week. we've got to. We've got to embrace this and we got to know how big this is if we're going to do this It's big and and i think for the players to understand that and embrace it and then you know listen to them to talk. And how can how can this be the most meaningful the most impactful. How can we really try and help. Help create change. Help keep change You know happening. And and you know the our country our world improving and and to see that worked together and have the conversations and work on the statement and You know speak with political leaders from the locker room and just the i mean it. It was it was It was really powerful to see. You know how our guys just understood the importance of it. Kind of embraced. It tried to make it as impactful as possible And you know we. We've said it a bunch of times. I think you know you feel like you're on the right side of history. There was a i. Think a history making moment And i think our team our league players in our league not just the bucks but the whole league in our. I think i think on the right side of history that day and destroyed help our country move forward and be better. Let me recount something. I heard from the locker room and you can tell me if it matches your memory. The bucks don't come out people realize okay. The bucks aren't coming out. A league official comes in. And i heard somewhere between asks the bucks to maybe reconsider playing or just sort of softer. The net says. Do you guys really want to do this. You understand what's happening here blah blah. That person leaves and the players by this point of already decided they've already had all these discussions of players have already decided. We're not playing that person leaves. There's some silence and in that silence. The players are maybe looking for someone to say to respond to. This person are we. Are we doing this. And from what. I've been told maybe for one of the first time you talk and you just look at the players and say something like i think we all know what we have to do here and the players remember that and saying you know bud bud let us do it but let us take the leadership of it but after that moment he stood in front of us and said we gotta do right. Does that match your memory of things not going to confirm or deny the rumor I i actually. There's so much from that. That day and the sequencing of how everything happened I'd be like if i said exactly how it went down. I i i think we all had a moment to speak. We all had a moment to. There's just so much leadership in that locker room at that moment. And certainly i think the coaches wanted to let the players leded but at some point i do think there is. I think you know the the role of the coaches like you know. There's lots of conversation. There's lots of debate. there's On lots of things So it's not that uncommon at point. You know i guess I do have a wreck to say okay. Something along the lines of what you just said and there there is somebody that I think has to partner with with the leadership in that group. And say we're all doing this together and we know what's right and and again i think the the being on the right side of history and just try to do something good and make a difference was just. It was all about that. We.

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