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You believe made it. We're with the home what's happening. Where does hannah gadsby. I was very very excited for this. Thank you to mike. big leah. Who put us in touch I am a fan. I was excited and sort of like ready ready to figure things out meeting. Hannah is so smart and so conscious and you'll see even in the episode. There's a moment where we sort of. I sort of have like a quick moment. I'm like oh that's the other side of a bit. i was doing. It's so interesting. I think. I've mentioned it a few times on episode since then all of that is to say this is a great conversation and one that has stuck with me and i really really hope you enjoy. Check checkout douglas. Her special on netflix and And the other one of course is the net. But they're both wonderful. And i encourage you to check them out I also want to give a shout. it's the holiday season. People are getting gifts and such. I would recommend getting something from our friends at living libations lit white. I sound like paul. F tompkins living libations. Because he's larry. I am mindful and i always have tried to be mindful about what i put in my body but a few years ago i realized i wasn't being careful about what i put on my body. Which of course ends up in your body. Your skin absorbs what you put on it and it gets into your system and it's very exciting for me to have discovered living libations because before them. I was buying shaving cream and face washes that we're like high end that we're supposed to be fancy because they had french names in an exclusive free standing stores and outdoor malls but of course just because they're fancy inexpensive and have french names doesn't mean they're not loaded with chemicals that have been linked to disease and toxic tuck city always hard to say toxicity levels. That just weren't intended for human beings so enter leaving libations high end yet affordable wonderful real deal powerful effective skin care face scared dental care. They have something. They have a an natural and ingredients that you can recognize alternative. To whatever it is you're using to clean groom or beautify your body. I what i love personally. You'll see when you go to the site. They have everything for everybody. So if you want to support the show and just get a little something. Living libations is a great place to go. I started with ginger full eating scrub. Not only is it made with ingredients that i recognize and has that wonderful natural. Feel but it's the most bad ass. Exfoliating scrub. I've gotten. I would put it against the one i was getting at. Cvs tend to wanted it. Does the job. I use it before. Shave makes a huge difference. That's a real protest if you exfoliating before you shave makes a huge difference. It's made with plants oils and extracts. That i recognize as real and natural and it works. It's wonderful speaking of shaving. I shared with their zen shave cream. Which is so clean and natural and moisturizing. actually use dab of it as aftershave. It's not some anonymous neon blue goo shut out from a pressurized cam. And then at night. I put on their best skin ever moisturizer. Great feels great and gets your skin looking great..

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