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Game two is tomorrow at one, zero five. So our next wrap up show follow tomorrow's game against the Rangers at one of five tomorrow's wrap up show is only available on the iheartradio. APP. Because of Lakers basketball. So search for the wrap up show with John Schaefer Jim Russell in the iheartradio APP that show should be posted around seven pm tomorrow night games at one five on the air. Until six PM will record the wrap up show at six. PM, we'll post it immediately afterwards will get you are breakdown of the padres in the Rangers game to have everything for you like we normally do on the radio and you can catch it exclusively on the iheartradio APP if you have not found us there yet police do subscribe and auto download it. We greatly appreciate it. What tonight in Arlington Jeez Globe Life Field and this isn't just us by before we had out this is like national media members. Now chiming in talking about how ridiculous it is to the to bring up the rules of baseball with Fernando Totti's junior and to be honest with Jim I don't care if it's only us. And we were on the second that we heard it and it became the story that I'd as again Jay's tangled the manager of the padres calling it a learning opportunity for Fernando taxis junior after swinging to throw pitch up ten three in the eighth hitting a grand slam depositors go onto win fourteen to four much more on this tomorrow and extra thirteen, sixty beginning at six am with cast and Richard, and then twelve to three with Darrin Smith three to six with the canons for Jim Russell Object Shave. From Globe field the first time the padres have ever played in the stadium fourteen, four San Diego. The losing streak is over this has been the wrap up show an extra thirteen sixty. You've been listening to the wrap up show be listening after every padres game is John Shaffer and Jim Russell breakdown. What happened why and how the Fellas can bring home away time on the diamond on your home for Sunday night baseball extra thirteen sixty..

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