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It was it was in Greg flaming lights on on the Harbor Bridge. What are you remember that moment yourself Roy I was watching on TV. Had Two little little daughters. told, Lizard that time I'd I'd gone to sleep but Infants at that and I came up at that moment, so he could. And you remember it, but. He's is in Seoul. The fireworks and they went back to sleeping. Well like Khan. Honestly say that but. Look I didn't know any. Children like I. Did take him to the Olympics later in the year and I still remember that I knew nothing of the of the background Even, though had fairly recently converted to Christianity Muscles. It's the one thing I've got income with amid not midlife convert. Come at it with zeal thereafter, but Yeah I I didn't know the story. terribly will at all until I was asked to write the book earlier they see. All the new to the story pretty much. Relatively new I mean I'm not old enough to have seen it as a child some. Relations deed the two thousand thing I was aware of it, but wasn't aware of the full back story so familiar this this was an an education in an amazing start in story Phil felt so privileged. Sense of heavy responsibility to be to be given it to tell it isn't data greatest strides knowing this one not at that, and it's been such a pleasure to speak with Roy about the spices story. Thank you so much. Thank you so much which? On. Online and on your. Conversations. ABC Radio. Today heard Richard. With Roy Williams from two thousand and Seventeen Roy's book with Elizabeth. MAS IS MR eternity the story of Arthur status. On Miles, and all this conversation, a long way from Australia I'm pretty fortunate to be out of chaining nearly every day and I look forward to. I wanted to bring you the story of author because I really loved his positive outlook on life and the character he was. Spent some Tom around dialing host, and even kind grew up in the country of. Also spent some time in the city I kind of. Identify little bit of that area and I could picture him about plies. And I just think it's such a beautiful thing for him to come. Out of a Kind of a rough place, and we've such a shining spirit and wanting to deliver. Such beautiful message and and to. Better his law. And I think one of the really cool things about Arthur was the never never wanted to Weiss to die? And off to spread love into the world. Something about those kind of. People who sometimes rough characters letter frowned upon. Now I'm not as the beauty having saw. Twenty five stories. Thanks conversations. You've been listening to a podcast conversations with Richard, Fidler! For more conversations interviews. Please go to the website ABC. Dot Net dot edu slash conversations. Discover more great ABC. podcasts live radio and exclusives on the ABC listen APP..

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