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That will fit you better than anything off the rack ever could at the time of galante's release philip restore we had just been appointed head of the bonanno clan but restored was about to serve a long jail sentence galante took advantage of the power vacuum and assumed the role of acting boss then he said about retaking the heroin market i he settled scores with any rivals who had moved in on his business while he was in prison next he went to miami dallas los angeles even disneyland making deals with his oldest societas and he once again go she added an increased heroin supply from the sicilians former narcotics agent frank peninsula immediately he was in and he took over and there was such an upsurge of heroin coming into the united states there wasn't any drought that occasionally you would see where because of good law enforcement shipments were being taken off and and and they were looking for her when he had that pipeline open and and i remember when i was involved they were pushing the heroin on me they had such a supply of heroin in the united states it was no problem if if you needed x amount of kilos they were there there were delivered the next day through the banana family through well galanti gelanteh people the pipeline worked so well because galante had figured out a novel way to bring the heroin into the us and a lot of it one galante got out they established a means of bringing in major amounts of heroin they were bringing heroin in alitalia flights every flight that left milan italy every day a suitcase or two was put on the flight and unaccompanied in those days you could do that you know and when it landed at jfk of course the suitcases were marked and you had a employee of allah talion when they went out to take the the suitcases and put them in the gondolas from the plane he would take these mark suitcases and bring them to whoever a muffin baggage handler would remove the mark suitcase before it even went through customs and then pass it on into the network it worked beautifully because the heroine was put on every flight that left milan for jfk every day and the suitcases flew over unaccompanied unaccompanied say you're talking about possibly forty kilos of heroin coming in every day bringing in the drugs was one step let galante needed a distribution network and he hit upon the idea of using pizza parlors as outlets this also allowed him to strike at his hated rivals in the process the gambino crime family had dominated the cheese pizza industries for years they monopolized the supply chain to the pizza parlors and shutdown competition then in the seventies a spate of mysterious fires signaled the start of galante's heroin campaign as the gambino restaurants burned new pizza parlors owned by galante opened in their place and galante used them to distribute vast amounts of heroin to the dealers a drug dealer of his magnitude the person that was bringing it in with back cut it it would come impure if it was ninety plus percent purity it would just be distributed a kilo came in his people would distribute that pure kilo former nypd detective bill clark worked the case again they would off it to they would sell wholesale they weren't cutting drug industry was the one they they did stay away from that but they they were selling to the in the ghetto they would sell into the black drug dealers who will take an all the heat for this in a short time galante had once again built up his vast international drugs network he dominated importation from europe and distribution throughout the united states are connex agent frank peninsula witnessed this firsthand the money the billions of dollars that they were making and not only through the northeast he had distribution throughout the united states import areco i dealt with people in puerto rico that we're getting their heroin from from galanti people my nineteen seventy eight just four years after getting out of prison the heroin business was completely back under galante control it was a ruthlessly fast rise to power to.

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