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Thirty two dating the situation on the northbound blue route now jammed from before mcdade up to the approach of Baltimore pike, Jack knifed tractor trailer still out there only one lane. Getting by best bet is just to avoid that area. Really been out there for quite some time now other than that really not too much going on westbound Schuylkill expressway, really good from the suburbs. One into the city. Eastbound no issues, either Roosevelt boulevard, southbound past FOX, we did have an accident blocking the left and center lanes, but that's out of there. Now, buying shoot expressway. Really no problems at all the entire length. Ninety five in both directions. Coming out of Delaware County are coming out of bucks county. No issues even with all the rain this morning. We're not seeing too many problems in New Jersey six seventy six southbound a little bit slow approaching Atlantic app. Westbound route thirty at Isham, Avs. We do have road. We're taking out the left lane there. Mass transit close to schedule. Next update less than ten minutes on car remoteness. I'm John Valero and locally road rage in a parking lot in northeast Philadelphia. Police are searching for a woman who allegedly rammed her dodge challenger into a man after she complained a group of men blocked the front door of a Dunkin donuts along Roosevelt boulevard KYW's Steve Towle reports. Northeast detectives division, Lieutenant Dennis Rosenbaum says words were exchanged as the woman entered the store she was made there in our way. She even kind of like push one of the people out of the way, she went in and made a purchase and ask she left and the men were walking away Rosenbaum says she hopped in the vehicle and hit the accelerator. He has little doubt. It was anything other than intentional. You don't even see brake lights even afterwards. You don't even see brake lights the twenty nine year old victim suffered multiple fractures. No one ever thought. You're going to weaponize a vehicle and use it to moa pedestrian hours later. Police pulled over a man driving the suspected vehicle after.

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