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And that's why i like the picks but everyone we were like which one would you graham right now yeah consistently the answer was the picks i mean a lot of people wrong any really planet character this episode is a stage lighting material that this idolised now if you're on clay i got i won't be lows talking about something i was watching uh ashley play with the uh portugal came on the front and i kind of like tried to photo bomb her photo a little bit and she switches over to this remote editors blacks me all of our words are you your requirement of what you think the porsche mode and the selfie mode is fine i mean fine further look a selfie doesn't have to be the best photo in the world if i look good man as i came out and as i consider if the backgrounds blared in the attended by me you're okay but you're at age lay who now that that jets barrel i never takes over in the lyon odds so when we review the eight has like this is going to be everywhere i've seen it zero t because it's bad for you senior on yours i mean my feet is mostly pictures of other people heavy apart part of it is not a lot of people the eight or eplus because most of the people that would bought it in september have waited for the ten but the other parties it looks bad play good tan just like hey i know not like dan name something you like i love the display of the eye for note of pro a complete product you're longest pena backups yep universe glorious a most oreos but there's no one life is not so subtle hits uh but like others states lighting is like one of those things where it's like i can't believe you are listening to this show in you think that i'm the cranky one i just want you to know that i am at welltempered every day and much of it and safer amac crankier just want things to be better and dan sit across from paul i and it sears they like home improvement fence outlet like her of like what what you guys get hyped above all girl general hul girl deflate the height bubble fired all right we've got hurt her cut into the end here.

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