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Let's get back to the lead. Time Water Commissioner amazed himself at the slipway human thing me Ryan. Little Brandon wanted to attend the shower. He's arranging for Marjorie. Was a great man stymie sir? He cleverly suggested they give party themselves now. It's the following morning and the great man is heading downtown guiltlessly. You'd have a great talent for keeping everybody happy corrective shower and such short notice the heck night ranger on care with good a little wonder. We should've asked him last night. Plenty of PD do for you today. Nothing I'm the one doing things for people today you would. You can't pay the soda. Check Leroy left mirrow soda check. He was in a little brandon. They left in a big hurry in real. Well he's excited. Excited do and you see will grow. They SPLIT A BANANA SPLIT. A to jumble heaven in four minutes. You'll my goodness asked local record one hour. Well put it on my bill family lines. Are You Roger? Bashing about very good. Green is having a little party this evening. Great changes come over Leroy. He's gotta be an uncle so he thinks he's grown up tonight. He and Brenda pretending they're gonNA shower for my kids love to pretend you're right away. Peavy Miss Milford is giving a real shah reminds me this evening. I making the arrangements and you would Mrs. Pbr Invite we can't make it this evening together. The UK recounting kill. Leroy invited phoebe. Why you tell me eating me over you. Don't WanNa go to that party just pretending not under five gallons of ice cream kind of pretending I having all the kids in town yeah alright. Tv put the Ice Cream in my bill. I won't have to Mr Bullard already. Paid for it cash rating again can leaving. Don't try to change the subject. You HAVE TO COME TO MY PARTY PARTY. Leroy invited to a party and he's going to John and I may wear mild. Large cabinet is giving a shower tonight and we want you to come and FAG LA. I can't disappoint Leroy. You should have issued your invitation earlier. Lear I wrote is brought it around last night would look fellow TV. I understand Rumson. Bullard is providing prizes for everyone. I'm here to tell you. He nearly brought out store. I hope we play games. I'm good at pinning the tail on the donkey yielders. Yeah it's Nice. If you WANNA HUMOR. Leroy you'll have more fun at my party. We're GONNA have hats and favorites. We'll go to play. Monopoly is lots of fun size. It'll be nobody bullard's but kids aling all right. Go to his body. That'd be plenty of people coming to mind. I wonder who will.

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