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And channing the welcome tanning she's the pencil impounded of dc communications our mike getting consulting firm they started to tennessee probably may how are you i'm good this is wonderful so hugh are coming to this show from the younger perspective and the new way of mike hitting content writing the magazine and the detoro because you you to write all fashioned magazine to say but talents how your life rollercoaster how i call it on how right now absolutely it has been a little bit of a rollercoaster with many different moves and cities involved i originally got my started in journalism and so i got a degree from the wonderful university of miami i am very proud very came for life and immediately while i was there he started writing for you mentioned fresh magazine originally it was a couple of local publications and the more affluent community than me onto the streets doing some things with the mind nissan sows so i worked in france in neighbors as well and that eventually led to biz bash the largest publication for the event industry and i really started the editor quickly became need miami bureau chief where i reside it for three and a half years then decided to expand my communication background and i moved to washington dc to work and a nother media publication doing advertising and that's where doing advertising conception design and strategy as well as actual operations and all of the system now this making sure that when people create ads they're actually designed for purpose and then also have a certain are lion they're complicating that through the analysis on the back end out of advertising yeah sorry go ahead that i with disconnects because now everything is about numbers how many people you read what's the return on investment and they're a lot of people are forgetting the old time contents beedi ragging so that has any to that way it has you're right because you do have a lot of people that now that we are in a much more digital age than even we were you know ten years ago fifteen years ago the now sit there and we're able to actually collect the data it's a matter of looking at it and so one of the challenges that print media is up against is being able to provide the same type of information.

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