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On finding inspiration for their music every day there's something different that will inspire you I mean just the fact of just picking up a guitar and and accidentally playing the right three chords can spark inspiration and to create something I mean I was living in New York just taking a walk with with inspiring does the energy of the city the other thing that inspired me a lot was working with some guys who have a very very very very hard core work ethic they pursue a piece of music collector hunting or something you have to stick it out and keep working at things once the inspiration head speed goes away and the rest is very much like slapped his name to I heart radio for more goo dolls and all your favorite artists I heart radio goes one on one with Darius Rucker as he reflects on being backstage at the Opry Vince is there just because it is a plan that not just hanging out we'll always do just hang out and all these people that have love for use that all members that they come in and then when I got in touch with the people that came up are you kidding me get notes from the captain's brothers bill I mean you see this all three of those will be a hand written note welcome to the office that was that was that was wonderful keep listening to I heart radio for more Darius Rucker and all your favorite artists I heart radio goes one on one with George Strait to escort his first number one song felt like it was pretty incredible because you know I just felt fortunate to get a record contract I've been trying to do that for quite a few years and I went to Nashville and I cut on one and they signed me on that on that record and and which gave me a chance to do an album went on my own the only five or six in the charts so they they let me do an hour and I felt real fortunate just to be able to do that and to have one.

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