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Yeah it was huge. The main room was vast like could fit a thousand people easily but it also had the the smaller dance room Off to the side. That would play alternative music. But it was where you could hear you to depeche mode and god who else New wave maybe some eighties throwbacks would be in that room. It was more a house. Dance club remix is in the main room but it also had this outside Wooden deck that was came out of the smaller dancefloor outside the deck area was a sand volleyball court. So you would sometimes see people playing volleyball. I remember dan staying out in that On that deck in the snow or when it started snowing you know very stupid of us to be in our shirts Out in the cold intel and we were like sliding down in thought. It was great and then You know the security came in chased us inside 'cause it was probably best that we not be sliding in the ice They also had a lot of live shows so I definitely saw jimmy. Somerville there I can't remember who else i saw But they would have you know big name. Recognition shows people who come out perform on their stage. Now they did the same thing in there in the tampa location and Only one. I think there's there's still a tracks in denver. The original owner passed away several years ago but They still have tracks in denver and had to my knowledge. It's the only one left out of that family of tracks. I'm sure other cities have borrowed the name over the years as they tend to do but there is still one left. I asked you about Couple of other bars that you mentioned that were important to you. One in particular Is an anomaly in the world of gay bars. So many gay bars are open for five. Ten fifteen years and then just completely vanished. Either they go out of business because people's tastes change or Gentrification or whatever the reason is they disappear but one bar that had a major impact on.

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