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And you know we have a strong reason to believe that this again uh we are investigating damn and when we are getting off something very special uh you know it's just interesting thing they likely to restoring about megan kelly apparently with the first show was getting six million people who went down to two million she got fired when she got the magazine show she was fired off at from what i'm hearing this show is dwindling and uh probably more in silly so it's sort of a desperate attempt for her to try to come up with something to do so by people uh should care if they're in a similar not in my opinion uh and just so that she can get her ratings uh let's say that i find it interesting is there woman was saying she was getting my movie there's no record of are being in my movies james antle credit looked through the movie she's not in the movie she says she came to my home in beverly hills guess what i didn't have them uh on the deadly hills some she gives the city long then megan says well to thirty there was a table the changeable yeah don't you think about these incidents until you will be there months alex alice anthony the i've been i've been practicing criminal law for over twenty two years and i started off as a prosecutor in la county which i did for more than a decade and when you do it as long as i have you learn something about reading people's story about reading their demeanour and one of those things is truth lies in the details and this woman's story whether it was the one in print or whether it's the one that you can't the making kelly the bottom line is it's paragraph of any legitimate details there's nothing genuine about it and and and the lack of details that shows that it's not authentic oh what do you remember about his house the table your that insightful that you remember a table and look at it in a picture of is then wife another actress kelly love brock that's not anything newsworthy everybody knew about that so it's not like this woman has offered up any single detail about the outside of this house about the inside of the house or even about the actual accusations nothing rings true.

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