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Tonight to a living person not even your father and well and then he came down into the newsroom is quite dramatic and he put his hand up and said we're gonna publishing there was literally a cheer on Tuesday Attorney General John Mitchell was done asking he went to court and got a temporary restraining order the times was now officially banned from publishing the papers until a judge could decide on the case the times announced they would abide by the temporary order and stop publication but Ellsberg now very much a wanted man wasn't done nothing in a temporary order said another newspaper can publish the papers so we leave them again this time to the Washington post the story led the evening news your name but when the government of the price of a publication of secret Pentagon documents on the Vietnam War has spread to a second newspaper the justice department late today asked for a federal court order to stop the Washington post in printing any more information from the doctor no the post was sidelined so Ellsberg gave a section to the Boston globe another injection next they popped up in the Saint Louis post dispatch in junction then the LA times tonight papers the Christian Science monitor the substance of the Pentagon papers is virtually lost today in the legal process drama that is rapidly turning into a farce the news media was now in full revolt after in joining for papers the justice department couldn't keep up a new one was popping up as soon as they stop the last one more than twenty newspapers eventually published portions of the Pentagon papers and once the Supreme Court ruled the formerly top secret papers which few had even known existed we're now very public Frank gore said no to the government a yes to the newspaper quoting sixty three eleven New York Times and The Washington Post latest venture I think on paper shows how deeply the U. S. was involved in Vietnam even during the Eisenhower administration apple by nineteen fifty eight one more way of dealing with all obscenities intervention with respect when they discussed at the time was with nuclear weapons but after the smoke clears Ellsberg figured he had failed no impact on the war the war went on to the next year the public no more and they were even more against the war but they were already against the war and I had no effect.

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