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Why I think young mm people are are moving left. And that's that's a failure of libertarianism. There's no question about it. We failed in the sense that a lot of young people are feel feel hopeless. They feel like they don't have much of a future. They feel like simple things. Homeownership marriage children might be beyond them financially and as a result you know people who don't feel like they have much skin in the game as much to lose are more likely to vote for radical left policies or support with him. So that's that's where we ought to be. We ought to be in their offering the the radical alternative to that because the GOP is off in a corner somewhere bumping into things. I mean they're. They're not in the picture. As far as I'm concerned I more or less. See things the way you do. And I don't know there is still part of me even after it's like I'm an abuse victim victim. You get abused and you make excuses for your abuser Well you know the abuser really loves me you know. It's just a funny way of showing that kind of thing. There is still a part of me that thinks yeah. The Republicans are terrible. And I've spent years and years doing nothing but denouncing them but you know at least the Democrats can't stand the sight of me. That's the difference you know also at least these people maybe hold them back a little. While while normal civil society tries to reassert itself. I mean I I don't know but whether whether that's true or not I think what you're saying is probably correct about the fate of the Republican Party and it's interesting that it comes about as a result of demographics because the Republican Party you whether it's libertarian or not could have tried to stop that and instead cheered it and now it means does not going to be any more public just a very weird sus very weird thing. Thank you know that you would actively do something that in the in your heart of hearts you know means you're doomed and yet you still do it. It's just a just a weird thing to me. The idea that. There's a libertarian. Turn wing of the. GOP is mostly disabused by the fact that they had a couple of chances. They had three chances to vote for either rand. Paul and Republican primaries in some surly states in in eight and twelve and sixteen. And they didn't I mean that's just a fact so I don't carry any water for Republicans have never been won and and at this point if they're not useful opposition to the Left's march through the twentieth century. Then I'd rather rather just get it over with and come up with something new. Well let's see what in fact they wind up coming up with Tom. Woods dot com slash fifteen. Sixty six is the show notes page. I do have a related episode. That I'M GONNA post there that I did years ago with Roger. McCaffrey.

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