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Is sponsored by plumbers nine one one dot com. It's been a busy morning. A lot of accidents on the roadway slippery conditions, especially on. Eighty ninety four eastbound at Indianapolis boulevard. They're starting to reopen. Some of the lanes two left lanes are now blocked three semi accident there. It's been going on for a couple of hours. Westbound accident west of US four twenty one all lanes are still blocked with that accident. Edens heavy outbound delays, especially about thirty two out to lake cook. Kennedy fifty two in from the airport. Thirty eight outbound Eisenhower is in our five from fifty three from Mannheim. Forty an hour to fifty three. Stevenson, our ten from the tri-state huge delays coming in fron fifty five. From Renwick all the way to county line road. Our thirty five from three fifty five and the inbound Ryan's twenty-five from ninety fifth. Bishop Ford's slow from one hundred and third fifty seven from one hundred and fifteenth accident on I ninety eastbound route seventy two when westbound at Higgins and other off to the side and the tri-state still dealing with his southbound accident north of the lake forest says blocking three right lanes little tied into Belmont on lake shore drive's far as public transportation goes metro turn to its normal schedule. Today, but the metro electric and south shore trains are still running because of wire problems broken pipes clogged toilet flooded basement. The professionals plumbers nine one one Chicago are ready to answer your call. They'll get your plumbing job done, right. The first time their phones are open twenty four seven at one eight three three Plum nine one one. That's one eight three three Plum nine one one for first. Nice traffic on demand. Get the traffic Chicago app approved by the mortgage experts of team hochburg just search T R A F F, I X Chicago..

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