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There's all a new sense of realism to it. I hope that they go further. I hope that they started talking about how dusty was there for Cody but not so much there for Dustin. I hope that they go into Cody being jealous of Dustin because dusty would wherever blah, let's get real. You know, let's get into the reasons why brothers fight with each other. And why resentments build and maintain throughout adulthood? Why have a brother versus brother match if not to do that? I'm interested to see how it goes. I'm interested to see if gold is gonna paint half his face red. Like he does in the video. But I also think that until eighty w screws up. Fans will remain optimistic as they should for what's going to happen. Speaking of what's going to happen again? Or what did happen? We spend another story outside of WWE this week and a certain return. So it was in mealy walk. Hey, milwaukee. Wisconsin an independent wrestling show by promotion known as M K E. Yes. Yeah. M K E. I don't know what I'm K E stands for to tell you the truth M, K E, wrestling, Milwaukee, something or other. Let me click and see if I can give you the answer. No. I don't know. What MK maybe it, just Milwaukee? Maybe M K E short for Milwaukee, just Milwaukee professional wrestling. I don't know it doesn't matter. The point is that this is. What's his name, a silence Young's promotion there in Milwaukee? And a masked man came in. I believe on Monday and interrupted one of the matches hoisted one of the stars up on his shoulders and dropped him head into knee for a go to sleep. Now. There have been stills taking of this image and the face behind that mask. The is look very familiar. I was just on the squared circle. Read it sub forum, and I saw a photo that somebody took in the eyes looked very familiar. Silence. Young tweeted out here is some punk. Running in a match last night m gay wrestling. You never know who's gonna show up at our shows former world champions have been stopping in at the last couple of shows dome..

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