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So. Going back over to apple. I know Facebook is had some issues. Apple's had some issues. It looks like that apple will now. Be using exclusively Intel modems in the new iphones for this year coming from Qualcomm actually. So they had a dispute with call com. Ongoing actually looks like it's going to have an impact on the way that this year's going miles are gonna look like as the Qualcomm chief financial officer. George Davis said in a quote, he said apple intends to solely use our competitors mod motives other than our modems and it's next phone release. So they're gonna be all Intel products in your new iphones which I mean, there's nothing wrong with that as well. But looks like that they lost the dealer and they conceding concealing the fact that apple is decided to use Intel solely for their new, the next iphone release, which will be in September likely as it usually is, looks weak. Qualcomm honesty, good chips. Believe me. They find tips Snapdragon forty. Five chip has touted test speeds. I've been seeing seemingly good obviously an superior to to Intel's, which is obviously prompting the reaction from Davis. Why would they use. I mean inferior product even though I mean you're probably splitting hairs a little bit here. Apparently apple did actually get this whole feud kind of started last year early when they sued Qualcomm. For overcharging this little allegedly, apparently allegedly laid it over charge to use the modems and their central, obviously, to helping the smartphones connect to the internet for the LT capabilities as well. So that's definitely something that you'd worry about. If you were apple and you're like, you guys kind of we're going to sue. You obviously didn't, of course, like every other, like every other corporate. Lawsuit happens. There's a countersue obviously from Kuala com saying, actually more money in royalties in, you know, they apple actually infringed on the patents and blah, blah, blah. That happened with this. The really getting kind of mired in this whole thing. Apples, like it's going to go into an apparently even while calms accusing apple of sharing information, proprietary information with Intel as well. So it looks like the Qualcomm actually tried to get a bunch of models of the iphone band here in the United States to be sold, but that was unsuccessful as well. So it looks like intellectually doesn't. Looks like it looks like the Intel, whether they're gonna take longer or whether it's going to be called, you're wondering at the five g. five g. chips and everything. Everything that it says that. It looks like we're going to have the five g. chips for Intel in twenty nineteen and Kuala comics to have it later this year as well. But then again, it's of interesting. Apple, I don't know what they're what they're doing, but apparently they're going with Intel on the modems. Then they're distinct himself with Intel on another areas like the bluetooth and WI fi. So I mean my life, I mobile chips. Yeah. And then also process for MAC book. So I mean, you're seeing a lot more. I mean, what's the other company that does the processors for computers second? But. It's not a big deal, good processors as well. But for the MAC books, you're gonna get, probably think of what it is, but the processes are until core processors I'm used to, but looks like that this is not going to be deal. They're still using the main ships for the exclusive using Intel for the chips for the phones. They're going to say this older modems are just fine. Apple looking like maybe wanna partner with another company could be MediaTek or cadet repairs, relationship Qualcomm. If it feels like that the five g. chips are ceiling past them too quickly, and they're not gonna be able to get on that on board with them. Rather just, you know, men fences with ball com to get the five ships, five ships faster than have to wait with Intel as well. So that's, that's what's going on with apple right now. As well. So definitely the Qualcomm apple. Definitely broke up. They the relationship is over. As well. They have issue. I mean, iphones having issues in India, whether it's, I mean, Tim cooked. It actually go back. Go into India in two thousand sixteen up was. Was in the country. What for thousand years. But I mean, this is was quote, Tim cook. He said apple was in the country for a thousand years..

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