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Second Degree Murder, Michigan, Reporter discussed on Newsradio 950 WWJ 24 Hour News


W. W. J. take this with you at radio dot com in the W. W. J. traffic center o'neill Stevens for W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty humid conditions into the weekend but then a bit of a reprieve accu weather forecast for this evening now with meteorologist Brian Thompson partly cloudy sky for tonight will be a bit more comfortable down to sixty three not as humid tomorrow but still warm with a mix of clouds and sunshine high eighty six partly cloudy tomorrow night low sixty five very warm and turning more human on Friday with times of clouds and sun there can be a shower thunderstorm with a high Friday of eighty seven accu weather meteorologist Brian Thompson on W. W. traders ready good nine fifty eighty four degrees right now mostly clear in Roseville eighty two in the city of west land eighty one degrees in Southgate live in local radio nine fifty W. W. J. Andres and Scott good evening top stories at six twenty prosecutors are charging a Minneapolis police officer accused of pressing his knee against George Floyd's neck with second degree murder and for the first time leveling charges against three other officers who were present when Floyd died two are in custody warrants have been issued for the other two meantime protests are ongoing in the city of Detroit tonight city beat reporter Vickie Thomas reporting the six consecutive day of demonstrations beginning outside of Detroit police headquarters and now moving down Woodward Avenue by the fox theater we'll check in with Vicky Thomas lives after six thirty in other news protecting the right of Americans to vote by mail this fall well that's the focus of a congressional hearing today that includes the testimony of Michigan secretary of state Joslin Benson as.

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