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Pray the word with David Platt is a resource from radical .NET. Second chronicles 30 versus 23 through 27. Then the whole assembly agreed together to keep the feast for another 7 days, so they kept it for another 7 days with gladness. For hezekiah, king of Judah, gave the assembly a thousand bowls. In 7000 sheep for offerings, and the princess gave the assembly a thousand bowls and 10,000 sheep, and the priests consecrated themselves in great numbers. The whole assembly of Judah and the priests and the levites and the whole assembly that came out of Israel and the sojourners who came out of the land of Israel and the sojourners who lived in Judah rejoiced. So there was great joy in Jerusalem. For since the time of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel, there had been nothing like this in Jerusalem. Then the priests and the levites arose and blessed the people, and their voice was heard, and their prayer came to his holy habitation in heaven. I read this scene here about all of this joy and gladness in sacrifice and worship and obedience in Jerusalem, like had not been heard in years and generations because this picture is a reminder of the joy in the gladness that we celebrate today. Like on Christmas Day, the fact that the God whose holy habitation is in heaven has come to you and to me to this weary oral and he has come specifically to pay the price for sin and sinners like you and me. He has come to save us. That's his name. Jesus name means he will save his people from their sins. This whole picture and second chronicles chapter 30 of all these different sacrifices for sin and the joy that brings the full and final sacrifice for sin has been made. And so we have reason to celebrate today that Jesus has come. Did you just live the life we couldn't live? Died the death we deserve to die. And he has conquered the enemy. We could not conquer sin and death itself. So we celebrate today. Jesus. All glory, be to your name. God on high. All glory be to your name. Glory to God in the highest. We've raised you for the joy and the peace and the forgiveness. And the reconciliation and the life you have made possible for us. We celebrate you today, lord Jesus. We celebrate you, oh God. We praise you for your love for us for coming to be with us and we pray that as we celebrate the joy of Jesus today that you would help us to spread the joy of Jesus among all the nations God we pray for people today, people groups today who don't know the good news of your grace and your glory and you're coming in Jesus got to pray for the Berber of Morocco's specifically God, I think about meeting different Berber men and women and children in Morocco and the number of them who have little to no knowledge of who you are and what you have done. God we pray for the spread of the gods among the Berber of Morocco and thousands of other people groups like them got to be prayed and in the next year between now and this time next year Christmas next year got her pray that more people groups would be reached with the gospel that you would use us. Our lives are prayers are giving our churches toward that end God that the gospel. The good news of great joy in Jesus would spread to more and more nations. God use our lives toward that end, we pray. There's always celebrated. The reality that you whose holy habitation is in heaven have come to us to save us from our sense. We pray with joy in Jesus name today. Amen..

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