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That's where he lost that he lost it because the game plan went out the window as soon as he got a base runner souza got the boost runner bragman worry walked them on a high fastball he just said forget about the fastball boards slider changeups got into more trouble and that's when the wheels came off and and there that really got all really ugly forum ended up exiting the ballgame joe girardi had to go to his bullpen something he did not want to do that early once k green use the but most likely not available for tomorrow but other than that all hands on deck for the yankees and also the houston astros again offensively they were there still worried about one two but just a very lander who was the story on the mound against seven strong innings that he shoots a grit in the sixth and seventh any this guy really has that he understands how to pitch in a big game and again hats off for just a berliner two games against the yankees 21 strikeouts and tell them how strikeouts pergame undo on the map i i know mrs rodriguez will be room yep former ride out at sea would be chef he will agree we can i got no loretta lengthy did as georgia to all these years of land between mrs rodriguez mr q kontani miwa army my was missed pilgrim at cowering thing ciprian in brooklyn new york i went to a pyschopath elian school there are people that have sticklers i think she had been a sabre metrics because it added how bother she was about numbers the makes it all numbers we're going to be correct the yet to find a correct way to go about that well you need though you need the clock the houston astros maybe they have a space the decision sciences the part of the maybe smuggling here connected our lives pseudo trouble although william police say a drought of her as he has been major league baseball analyst in studio with ready called on espn radio oppose this question with all the things you said ceased the back in amount amman if the yankees 10 and 0 after yankees lost the season that he was terrific three hid ball six shutout innings the last time be.

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