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Jimmy Johnson is died he recorded some classic tracks by the rolling stones and play guitar on songs by Aretha Franklin Paul Simon in this one I'll take you there by the staple singers Johnson co founder the legendary muscle shoals sound studios Jimmy Johnson died in Alabama at the age of seventy six. health officials in New York state say they know the likely because of a lung disease outbreak linked to vaping and thirty four cases of people between the ages of fifteen and thirty four they develop pulmonary illnesses after vaping at least one on regulating cannabis product lab tests found high levels of vitamin a acetate federal officials are still investigating two hundred cases two of which were deadly a nasty can be at home for some caught in a demonstration by immigration activists they blocked streets as a March from the New England Holocaust memorial across the Longfellow bridge to the Amazon office in Cambridge twelve people were arrested the group never again has been pro testing private companies doing business with ice Robert Mugabe has died the long time leader of Zimbabwe took power in nineteen eighty ending white minority rule and what was then known as Rhodesia the BBC's John Simpson says Mugabe was forced to resign in twenty seventeen after economic turmoil and a military takeover may symbolically as most of the one people that I've met tonight continue to be in contact with will just feel that he he betrayed the country horribly that he ruled the blind he and his family Robert Mugabe was ninety five senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren wants more information about vice president Mike pence a stay at the trump property in Ireland she says it's just another example of what appears to be open corruption in the trump administration pence defends the trip I understand political attacks by Democrats but if you have a chance to get to doing bag you find it's a fairly small place and the opportunity to stay at trump national in doing bag to accommodate the unique foot print that comes with.

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