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Of racial discrimination bad for business sanded has nervous conventioneers call in st louis hotels that according to explore a saint most president katie rackliff where we have a number of group on whose members are expressing real concern i mean there the nwpp is a very credible civil rights organization but while she says she respects their mission of racial equality she says thirty eight other states have the same discrimination standards as the misery legislature just past and she thinks the end alesi cp should issue advisories for all of those states and not just missouri kamel x news time 406 monsanto since it's closing monday august 21st that he had the total solar eclipse the agribusiness giant says it wants to be sure everyone in st louis can witness the event with those most important to them they also hope employees take the opportunity to use the eclipse to inspire the next generation of scientists and i konic st rose neighborhood gateway has dimmed damaged we've learned that late this morning a large trash truck it's unclear from what company came through down manchester and had a large apparatus on top of it that hooked the sign that adorns the eastern part of the neighborhood on manchester near sarah it appears that some of the lighted neon bars are out of place some of the the some of the trim that adorned the bottom of the silent some of the sites have followed off uh along manchester at it's unclear from people on scene how long this is going to take to fix or if it can't be fixing if it can't be fix how much it's going to cost in the grove alec steigman newsradio eleven twenty kmox ten people sickened by a suspicious package in the mail room of the irs building in downtown kansas city kansas city fire department spokesman james garrett says they complained a feeling ill some were vomiting after the package arrived at the building today he says two people were taken to an area hospital st luke's hospital spokeswoman laura gifford says the victims are in good condition the building was not evacuated and has returned to business the fire department says the package was checked for gases and fumes they have not determined the contents kmox news time four oh seven from the business bank of.

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