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That's not even that. We've rented a house with a fucking treehouse. Wow. And thank you everybody. Like everybody chipped in for the honeymoon as well all the guests beautiful. So we were able to do it because of that. So I'll let you know, everything about the honeymoon. We Kalou outweigh. That's so exciting everywhere. You know, I've been everywhere. And it's finally again catching up to me because I feel like today, I'm like, certainly get six. I'm like drinking a lot of water getting secure. I know I'm drinking a lot of water and making sure, you know, Christmas just happen. And you know, I just wanna want shout out to my cousin Gabby because as you heard on that audio Monette episode that we aired last week. Like, I grew up in a very strict Christian household and this year cabbie was like, hey, Justin. When you go get some tequila for the party. And I'm like two kilo grandma's gonna be there. You kidding me? Like fuck it. We're adults like we can make this whatever we want and soon as I got to the to the function I took out all the Margarita stuff, and I started making Margaritas, and I didn't even ask the as anybody, and my mom, you just gave Titus gave my mom. Mike and everybody was drinking. They didn't see as long as full. And so it was really fun. We were partying and then for Christmas day, I went and hang hung out. The Vika Linda with my dad side of the family, and it was super fun. I'd love my data the family because they are opposite of my mom's where like everything is very passive aggressive on my mom's side, and like people don't really say how they feel my data the family. Everybody says exactly what's on their minds. Just. Just. Yell at each other in front of everybody in I live. I live I live. So thank you to them. They fought with fought the whole time, but we would fight. And then we would all laugh, you know, fight like people family, literally people would go on a timeout go walk around outside and then come back, and then by the end, we played semi he kinda hit on all that game family feud, it's family feud Mexican, and we literally there was a family few people were like so angry. I had the best time. I always laughing the whole time people were like, my give me like, I was crazy 'cause I wasn't choosing sides or anything, you know. And I was just enjoying the drama, and it was really cute perfect white Mexican Christmas. They like everybody was in BMI as. No we were wasted. We're just eat. We ate a lot. It was like they had prime rib for dinner. So then the next day for dollar when I went they chopped all the meet up, and we made that goes out of the prime rib prime rib. Coast took all the fat parts, and I made teach on his. I'm going to keep that a secret. Okay. So my cousins, and I had a lot of fun. I'll just say that. Okay. So yeah, I've been everywhere. It's insane. So actually, it's not insane. It's just I can't I can't believe that my body has adjusted to travelling so well, it's amazing. Because the last time I saw you Hyun Vegas. It was here in Vegas. And I think it was right before thanksgiving. Right. So right after thanksgiving, I flew to London to hang out with my friend, John Walter because it was his birthday, and my friend Kristy who was on the Gordeeva supreme episode. She joined me 'cause she's a flight attendant gets. She got like a five dollar flight what a fucking perk, and then Zeon who's been on the show. Also has seen color podcast he flew out to London to meet up with us. So we were in London hanging out. And I texted you bitch. This was in saying I was walking down the street. That's right. When we got off the tube off the subway, and we were walking Airbnb, and we were on where I think we're in east London near shortage. We were saying how. Acne? There's all these little boroughs. Anyway, I saw I was like oh my God. I think Latino locked eyes with him. You know, you know, like as when they see each other. They look at each other little extra long hours looking mess bitch. I was wearing like I was.

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