Russell Westbrook, Kyle Singler, Kyrie Irving discussed on Townhall Weekend Journal


Gotta get some charismatic stars. So think about charismatic star in the NBA Kyle Singler. Yeah. We're thinking, maybe. Kyrie irving. That's a good one. Yeah. Okay. Here's the cash right now say Steph curry a great one action, Anthony Davis, bro. Lonzo ball. Just because he's teammates maybe poll by Mariana vich until bovines air. You gotta add Tobias bow by to- by a great sitter. That's a great cast. What about yours? All right. Well celebration, and then you got I Blake Griffin's thrown in there because he's got a space Kim shoes on the funniest guy. And he's got a space game shoes aren't with Jordan over there. So he's already there. Russell westbrook. Another charismatic guy takes if he takes the offer. I think he could very well. Just before himself think he's too worthy of beyond space games. Not the biggest fan. Russell westbrook. Nicole yokich? I like him. Thank you get in there. Somehow, maybe I'm trying to think of guys that has been taking it. Here's if the accept the call right declined it. I'm hearing a lot of guys are declining the casting role right now. Yeah, they might have no choice, but to go with Langston Galloway Brandon Jennings in there and then get every former player in there. Lastly, you're going to get some old school with some throwback with Dwayne Wade going to get in there. That's a good one could could debate fill the Bill. Murrow yet may lay room. Yeah. Lebron? That'd be nice a reunion again. China entertaining definitely race jab to is set to release June.

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