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Back to the outlaw lawyer, Josh and go with you and we've been talking about the innocent commission and we're about to talk about one of their big success stories before we do that. If you have any questions about the law or about anything that's going on with you personally, or any questions about the show the content of the show where it comes from, give us a call. As always, we've got a nice 1 800 number 1 806 59 11 86. Always wondered about people who didn't like abbreviate The numbers like 11 86. It would just go 1186 like the people who would announce the number 1 806 591186. They seem like weird people. I don't like those people. I can't deal with those people. So our phone number is 1 806 59 11 86 159? Yes. You're one of those people. Yeah. 1 806 59 11 86 so you can call and you can leave a message for me or Joe or the law firm or that law lawyer. We'd be happy to help any way we can. We also have an email address. If that's easier for you, it's questions. That's questions. Plural questions at the Outlaw lawyer dot com and our website is the outlaw lawyer. Com. I think someone out there has outlaw lawyer We are the outlaw lawyer dot com. We are lawyers. We will be actively pursuing litigation against this person. So we're gonna get right after this right after after these messages, But you can go to that website and we do have a listen now button and you can listen to all of our episodes. They're all there for you. In case you I can't get to your radio for the show. We've We've got everything there. Yeah, we We talk about a lot of, uh, sometimes complicated subject matter. And you know, we we love each and every one of our listeners individually. All the same, and we'd love to hear from you guys. And if you have you ever have any questions? If there's everything, anything we're talking about on the show that you, you know, want us to discuss more or any kind of follow up questions We'd love to hear from you. You know, give us a call. Shoot us an email. That's what we're here for is to interact with everybody. And to really talk about the things you guys would like to hear us talk about and just by way of review. You know, the law firm has five offices. So we're in Riley. We're in Garner. Clayton Goldsborough and fickle Verena were active in Wake and Harnett and Wayne and Johnston counties and and the other surrounding counties. Um, but if you got a real estate closing would be happy to help you. You've got some family law issues the state administration a state planning our firm would be happy to assist and you can reach the firm 1 806 59 11 86 Just leave us a message and we'll have Someone at the firm give you a call again Questions at the outlaw lawyer dot com. But Joe will hop back into it. And so we're about to talk about one of the innocence Commissions. First successful exonerations. That's right, Josh. We are talking about Gregory Flint Taylor. So Taylor Is actually the first person that was cleared by the North Carolina Innocence Commission. He actually had served at the time that he was clear he had served 17 years for first degree murder. I'm Josh. Why don't you talk a little bit about the facts of the case before we dive into it? So this was interesting. So this was this was back in April, 1993 in an officer on patrol found the body of Jah Quetta. Thomas, who was as they described in the police reports was a prostitute. At the time of her death. So she was a known prostitute, and they found her body. Uh, it used to be on Blount Street where there was a cold a sack, And then it was. It was not developed. Used to be some undeveloped property in downtown rally if you if you can believe it, and so it was kind of in an area of downtown that wasn't highly populated. And so the officer on the scene, Uh, call for backup Start securing the scene started doing their investigation. Mr Taylor showed up about an hour later and turns out his vehicle. I think it was a Pathfinder. But his vehicle was about 150. Ft. From the body, uh, kind of had gotten stuck in some mud and like I said of grassy, undeveloped part of Blount Street there Um And so the officer started asking Mr Taylor questions. Mr. Taylor admitted to having seen the body. Mr. Taylor had had a buddy with him. Have been doing some drinking had been smoking, some crack, admittedly drinking and smoking some crack. Um, And so they weren't doing some four wheeling went off right on purpose, got everything stuck and then decided to walk home because they couldn't get it unstuck and they were inebriated, so there were no condition to try to free the vehicle. Mr. Taylor also had mentioned that they did see Mrs Thomas's body. They saw a man with her over her. Um she was on the ground either. Didn't think much about it or are just didn't not in a condition to do anything about it and and left. I think this is a side note, but Drinking, smoking crack off road vehicle and you just come upon a body. Incredibly incredibly bad luck. Amazingly so, yeah, and and and so, Mr Taylor, you know, just going on the facts. You know, it is not the most sympathetic character, you know, kinda in the wrong place at the wrong time, I guess is what Mr Taylor. Would say, But you know, there was some there was no real eyewitness is there was a witness account that said, Mr Taylor and and a gentleman were in a car and they saw Mr Thomas Get in with him and ride around. So you had some. You had some witnesses. That kind of put them all together. None that put them at the scene of the Crime. Um So anyway, so they, you know the cops. They did their investigation again. No wrongdoing on the law enforcement. I think that's always important when we talk about These type of cases that you know, No one here is alleging law enforcement did anything wrong? They're just doing their investigation, and Mr Taylor was eventually charged. There was enough. You know, there's some. There's some discussion. We won't get into it here. But there's some discussion there was like Some some tests done and found maybe some traces of blood on the underside of the vehicle. But nothing inside the vehicle. Nothing like they'd want to see. I think all of it was kind of circumstantial. There was There's a couple other things going on here..

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