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Is that the change aspects in the transformative work. That's going on is nearly constant. It's just you can probably remember. There was a time in the late nineties. When everybody thought that well microsoft was going to take over the world and that was that and and we hadn't even heard of google yet you know and the iphone had made its appearance. I mean there's just so much. That advances whereas daily newspapers. You find after wild at the course of human events tend to be very circular. You know when you've covered you know one hundred and eighty school board meetings. You know there's not going to be very many surprises. But the wonderful thing about technology is how it keeps transforming itself so the profession itself has just been incredibly engaging very interesting i wonder if you could reflect back on what the cio disciplined was. Like when you first started meeting people with that title Very different from today and and love in your own thoughts kind of reflect on where it was in the late eighties early nineties. When you to meet these. These men were had that role. Well yes the eighties as were late. Eighties to nineties was probably the the apogee things were booming technology publications. It was an incredibly competitive space. And i still was needing an interviewing people with titles like data processing manager and then after that it became. Is managers for information systems and it was probably not until the early two thousands that we actually started using the terminology of it leaders. Especially from i was. I was with computer world for a good while. Like for fifteen years so all through the nineties and into the early two thousands and then i came to cio magazine. A little bit later around two thousand eight but what was always infect cio magazine was a sister publication of computer worlds. Because all of these anything that had a tech publication world on the end like in a world macworld computer world network world That came from the genius brain of patrick mcgovern. Who was the ceo in the founder of international data group or i dj and he was he was quite a visionary and one of his publishers was joe leafy who got cio magazine started in nineteen eighty seven. It was very early on. Because i know later on when i was running the cio one hundred innovation. Awards program i would. I almost got a little embarrassed. Right start telling people well. This program has been around for more than thirty four years and of course in technology very few things last that long..

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