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Brings though i you have to be encouraged at least a moving forward that you you you starting to get more pelts rite aid just a little bit more experienced a i've done this i can do that the confidence that starting to bail them in i think it's a good sign would agree with you wholeheartedly uh there were three plays in the fourth quarter he made obviously the touchdown throw which was a brilliant throw ju davante adams he he threw him open at any those young quarterbacks do that very often in in the passing game but he did he did it on that day the he had a scramble as seventeen yards scramble the gothia packers out or down situation converted in the way down to the like prior to the throw as it of antiatoms and then i thought the biggest play may be the game was on third intent of the packers near forty two yard bomb two davante adams out of pounds of the sidelines at almost basically steal the game away right there that was the dagger shouted and you know i understand the packers muffed the field goal attempt to knives and other issue but um the bears have got the ball back they had a glimmer of hope it only in the way that game three i didn't think they were going to be able to get a gun from deepen their own territory so those three plays i think are what we saw as the match operation of a young quarterback right there lexi where he goes mere greg but it i think maybe will be holding a few weeks point back to those three plays in chicago game that that really made red humbly coming up next will wrap up a program do the packers have four or five more wins on their schedule likely what they need to be also season theme while figure it out after this on.

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