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Control for a free inspection 8 8 8 8 8 8 home or visit home paramount dot com. Jack Taylor, WTO P traffic. Swirl team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts. I can't remember the last time you could walk outside and say, man, it feels nice. I know. What we may be able to sing that tomorrow because temperature is tomorrow upper 70s and lower 80s. Today though, back in the 90s, the last day of this heat wave, it's going to feel over a 100° at times. In fact, it already feels like the mid to upper 80s and a lot of sponsor across the region. Showers and maybe a thunderstorm possible this morning west along I 81. We're watching some crawl out of southwestern Pennsylvania at this time. And again, by the time we head into the afternoon one or 2 o'clock, numerous showers and thunderstorms for everybody across the area. That's why we're weather alert. We could see damaging wanes and also some pretty heavy rain that could lead to some flooding. We're going to keep the chance overnight as well for some rain and then scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. As I said, much cooler tomorrow, but it's still going to be humid tomorrow. I really don't see that humidity drop until Friday. So Wednesday, Thursday, humid, and back to the heat. Temperatures right around 90°. Which is an average for this time of year. Wednesday, Thursday, a few thunderstorms possible here and there, not raining all day. And then we'll have some showers and thunderstorms possible. On Friday and again, he looks like humidity jumps on Friday afternoon with a cold front. 82 right now in Washington, but it feels like 86°. Upper Marlboro, air temperature at 80 Baltimore at 84 and Fredericksburg at 81. And it's brought to you by lend the plumber, trusted same day service 7 days a week in just a head COVID infections creeping up again, it's 9 22. Here's a

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