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Neither do we. This is no co now presented by the shanin nation-states. Here's tanner's swint hour number two. Let's get kicked off right. Welcome in to the auto collision special the studios iam cater schwendt. This is no co now presented by the j nine agencies on northern colorado's voice one. Oh three point one and thirteen ten. Kfi k. a. joining us now. The one the only the sierra four by four vip guests it is kevin lionel with the colorado and kevin It's been an interesting week in football. I i'm just gonna to start there and leave it up to you know peninsula thing. Yeah yeah it has been obvious. Obviously the the big thing a Last minute lost to vanderbilt. Who was a vanderbilt not good Yeah an sec team. Yes but a very bad one so another tough week for the rams certainly well and it was weird. I was at that game. I went as a fan and it felt like in that first half like like the fan base was so ready to just cling onto what was looking like a potential blowout win in. When it didn't happen everybody left. Exactly i mean for you know i drive is awesome driver. She issue. I love the play calling everything perfect as fourteen. Nothing later and and that whole first half it felt like dominate but then they had a couple of chances. You have to missed field goals. You know the time in the red zone that they didn't finish and all of a sudden he started working and thinking. Oh boy you know it's fourteen is nice but feels like it should be a lot more. And then they gave up the late touchdown for you know at the end of the first half and so gain. That should have been a lot more you know. Even even said he saw at halftime. It should have been twenty eight nothing and instead it was fourteen seven. And that was worrisome. And then yeah a couple of big flips early in the second-half A ship in pick six. But if you dropped and then right after that you threw an interception that led the touchdown and it all kind of unravel from there who led to a pretty heated postgame. Presser with.

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