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Sleep but adds mother -tunities to sweep and maybe not had some gore way but in respect to this series this one's on me and he was charged with eight runs over five and a third. But a break. You as we say did not pitch. Well yanks marlins tonight jamison tone takes on zach thompson on the fan at six thirty yankees now. Fifty three and forty eight on the season as for the med two six three lost to the braves they lose three out of five years. Peter lonzo well not good yes. It's it's not great losing Whether it's against the braves or the marlins or the yankees or the or the dodgers doesn't matter who we lose against i mean it's not great no austin. Rallying abraham almonte with home runs in the fourth inning. Dan's be swanson ads. One in the eighth alonzo did go. Deep in the loss. Mets seven games over five hundred and be proud boomer. Be proud stand tall as susan. One said stand up. Let me see that body and as take. Take your shirt off. Pump out your chest and do you have to do because this is ridiculous. This is louise. Ross who's pitching the night boomer Nobody knows carlos carrasco cookie. Where are we in the season. Boomer what do you mean. Where are we in the afternoon. We're in the second. Half of the who were teams do in the making trade trade deadline deadline getting carlos carrasco tonight pitching. Thanks louise rojo's they'll be huge I mean we're talking about the deadline. That's i agree pitcher into your rotation sand. I'd say he's coming out of breaking news coming at the perfect time. Exactly right deal right. It's also say pressure is a privilege and retain one that's right. He didn't say that but give them time he just might have. He keeps listening now pressure. Isn't there anymore problem. Louise rose went on to say to you. Know the tampa bay lightning rate eighteen million dollars handling interested. The rangers trade It's funny now. We do have the deadline today. People want to know what in the hell the mets are going to do. Zach scott was with carton roberts couple of days ago and craig headed suggestion for him and that's call chicago and get something done and he said the best way to do it is you. You hide your voice. You do it. This way to.

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