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The call it should be toll free though that's the most important part phones are open I don't know is there something going on and people are watching something on TV I don't know but that this be good time to call if you have been able to get through before eighty eight eighty eight ask Leo as I mentioned a couple of times last there but let me be very clear we have a website where when I talk about things like we need download this software or here was an article I read or hear anything we talk about it all shows up on the website so you don't have to write anything down you know for member anything that's tech guy labs dot com tech I labs dot com and that we we do a software pick of the week we do a tip of the week all that stuff there it's there all all week long and it's free I'm not telling you about this because I want to make money off of it we don't at but I tell you so that you can go there and use it it's got a good search feature and I think everything this is episode continuing saga this is episode one thousand six hundred fourteen we also with audio and video of every episode up there if we have audio and video and I think in most cases we at least have audio this is the first podcast ever did one of the very first podcast ever and it was I was very fortunate I started doing the tech guy in Los Angeles a station called KFI some of you are listening to it right now and the the and the wonderful program director there Robert Bartolucci brought me in I have been doing technology TV at tech TV still was doing that at the time and I done radio for years and that she said would you like to be our tech I said I would die yes to start doing that January two thousand four I remember Rense September two thousand four a kid called me I think it was fifteen or sixteen I and he's he said it was you know what why don't you do a podcast I said a what cast set a podcast I don't know I don't know what that is he said well you take audio and and you you you make it so the people can subscribe to it not get automatically and they can listen to it and they think it up to their I pod because that's the only way you could do it at the time and or their computer and listen to it so that's cool every robin Bertolucci had to cave I was very generous ever since I started doing the radio show we always had a website tech I.

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