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To sixty miles an hour hail and blowing dust are all possible with this system now last night it was the west valley that got slammed this book i resident tells fox multiple mother homes in his neighborhood were destroyed it felt like vehicle hit the side of building our house literally shook the house was the wind was train aps as at the height of the storms more than fourteen thousand homes and businesses in buckeye were without power president trump has reportedly selected his pick for the next us supreme court justice the president will reveal the name at six arizona time and you can hear that announcement live right here on five fifty kfi senator jeff flake says he's glad president trump is pressuring our nato allies to increase their defense spending many of them are not pulling their full weight but the president makes it sounds as if they're they're supposed to contribute to percent to us somehow for their defense and cnn state of the union the arizona republican said it's the rhetoric from the trump administration that has him concerned the leader of a utah militia group who admitted to attempting to bomb a federal building on the utah arizona state line will be released from jail due to declining health patriots defense force leader william keebler has been behind bars since two thousand sixteen a group is upping its effort to defeat the expansion of the school voucher program save our schools there on a launching a window writing and sticker campaign today against prompt three oh five there is nothing more important to education in arizona than this november so we really encourage everyone to learn the issues done penance thacker tells fox ten that prompt three oh five won't take funds out of public education well more homes are being built in the phoenix metro area now than any time in the past ten years the zona republic says more than nineteen hundred homes sold in may and the pace of sales is eighteen percent ahead of last year let's take a look at your money sponsored by money matters with ken moraif the dow closing three hundred twenty points higher today five fifty kfyi news time is four oh two with.

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