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And david robertson completed the five hit one run affair against the dominican republic so japan and korea were then facing off where japan won by a score of five to two so japan has yet to lose a game here at the olympics in this basically sent korea to face off against the usa so the usa defeated the dominican republic. They were gonna face the loser of the korea. Japan game ultimately being korea and then. The usa won by a score over korea seven to two so. The usa advances to the gold medal game by defeating korea. Seven to two with a five run bottom half of the sixth inning. Being the difference the score was two to one heading to the bottom of the sixth and the usa had themselves a big inning once again on the mound joe ryan for the usa four and a third allowing only one run Rider ryan one and two third scoreless. Scott mcgauchie one third of three hits one run anthony ghosts and anthony carter combined to finish off that score by a final of seven to two so once again. We have the bronze-medal game tomorrow. Friday friday evening between the dominican republic in korea and then the gold medal match up between the usa in japan. Taking place saturday morning so. The usa made it difficult on themselves by blowing. That lead. japan but bounceback victories over the dominican republic as well as south korea puts them right in the gold medal match up in a rematch against japan. Where the winner will take goal. So who's been performing for team usa when it comes to the offensive side of things. Tyler austin is the big winner for the usa. He's sitting four twenty nine. He is nine for twenty one with two home runs. Three doubles seven. Rbi's so he's doing a bit of everything for team usa and you also have a tristen casas. He's only hitting to sixty three but he has three home runs in a double as he has five for nineteen and he's the team leader with eight. Rb is so out of the twenty eight. Rbi's eight of them for casas. Seven for tyler. Austin are the two big names offensively. How are some of the other guys doing some names. you may recognize. Well todd frazier. He's struggling a bit. He is only three for seventeen in the tournament. he does have two doubles. He sit in one seventy six. You have bubba starling hidden to eighty six eddie alvarez to fifty eric phileas two fifty mark close vary hitting to thirty five jamie westbrook to twenty two jack lopez one eighty two in nick allen hitting one seventy six offensively so us as a team hitting two forty seven with a four thirty four. Slugging percentage and tyler austin and tristen casas doing a lot of the heavy lifting for the team. Usa when it comes to on the mount how we doing out the pitching staff going on here. Well you got some good and some not so good but overall the pitching has been fantastic for team usa anthony. Ghosts has yet to lower yet to allow a run in four appearances over five and a third innings edwin. Jackson has made two appearances. He's allowed one unearned run. It was the extra inning run against japan for zero point. Zero zero. era are though he was saddled with the only loss for team usa. You have scott kasmir again. Who made the one start five scoreless innings in fantastic outing for scott kasmir ryan writer. Who has one no. With three appearances in four innings. He's been excellent out of the bullpen. You have joe ryan. Who started two games for team usa. He's gone ten and a third innings allowing two runs on nine hits so he is one no with a one seven four. Era the other starter. Nick martinez he went five innings allowing one run for a one eight zero era. So the starting pitching for the. Us has fantastic. You had casimir. Go five scoreless. Nick martinez five only allowing one run. And then joe ryan started the other two games allowing two runs over the course of ten minutes now on the top end of the bullpen. Some of the bullpen is struggle david robertson. He's allowed two runs in three innings for a six era. You have shane by as allowing two runs into an two thirds for a six seven. Five and anthony carter to runs in and a third innings for seven seven one. Era but the team era for team usa over the course of forty five and one third innings is two point one eight so the pitching has really been the carrier for the usa. Say they've been excellent and just only allowing eleven runs over the course of forty five innings forty six strikeouts to only twelve walks as a staff again. Joe ryan he's been fantastic eight strikeouts only one walk so the starters there now. I don't know who lines up to start the gold medal game. If it's joe ryan i assume it will be if not. It's certainly looks like nick. Martinez would be next on the line. Or scott casimir would be the two guys potentially pegged to start so looking at some of the other lineups. Let's look at the dominican republic. No they had a few ex major leaguers on their squad. So let's look at how they've been performing so far this year or this tournament for the olympics. You have jose batista. He's hitting one forty three. He is only two for fourteen with one double in one in three total basis. So he's been struggling for the dominican republic. You have milio bonifazio. Only hit in one fifty four as he is too for thirteen on the tournament. So the dominican republic as a team only hidden their offense as certainly let them down even though they're playing for the bronze-medal on the pitching side of things again. They've gotten some good outings. A couple of starts angel sanchez. On hill sanchez scoreless over five innings rove vow dez. One run over five and a third and then you have danielle radius. Who's giving up two runs over four and two thirds innings as well from the starting pitching side of things so a team. Era of three five six for the dominican republic looking at israel who's been standing out for israel as they overachieved by winning a game earlier in the tournament. Shoutout to mitch glasser. He went seven of seventeen hidden. Four twelve as well as ryan lavarnway hitting three fifty seven for twenty during the tournament. Here so a nice tournament for them and then looking at japan's roster as we face off against japan in the gold medal game who are some of the names to watch out for. You have takia kyw. Hit and five hundred. He's five for ten high jato sakamoto hitting three eighty nine seven for eighteen.

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