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It isn't just like bloody in the terms of what the saudis between yemen potentially you have blistered missiles and scud missiles not i don't wanna be clear not nuclear missiles talk about armageddon but missiles hitting saudi airport missiles hitting saudi cities from fired within yemen theoretically know gend from your point provided by iran and then this consensus that you referring to it's a solidifies further than it's like let's rolling them back because they're bombing our ally right and i think it's also really important to talk about the the effects that it has when we support the saudis not just visavis iran not just visavis like other countries it's also not really great for a lot of people inside saudi arabia right like there are pro democracy activists there are in a women's rights activists there are there shia activists who are violently repressed by the saudi government and because of this broader ideological proxy war with iran and that we have thrown our lot in with the saudis we are essentially saying yes we support you mean trump literally tweeted that out like i support everything you guys are doing a great job you have it well in hand or whatever this is not a leader who's trying to bring freedom and democracy and like reform the country in a way that we think of it and we're essentially just supporting that and that's the kind of thing we've done over and over and over again in countries all over the world but especially in the middle east that has caused so much of the instability because people in those countries don't really like that and decide to rise up and fight and sometimes form terrorist groups that sometimes target america for that reason oh yeah no an an side here's that up until 2014 saudi arabia was through private donors providing money to isis.

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