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You're not allowed to be early. I'm always early are you really. Yeah that's how i do it well. Does it automatically. Is it a power move. No absolutely not. it's not at all. I don't know it's like well. I'm going to be on time. I'm good at that. It's hard to get there at the exact minute. The rights can. I may as well be five minutes early. Everywhere i go and data us that so admirable and i wish layton's the opposite Really well it's it's in her name but makes sense. She's an actress. Oh the truth is we have jobs that we can't really be that late for some people know. She's a high functioning adult. You know it so in many ways more so than me you know. I mean she's more self reliant. You guys have very different background. I mean very yes Yeah mine's like pretty neat potatoes. Incursion say what is the opposite of meat and potatoes if it's in food wise is it like oh yeah right. I guess like fusion. Some kind of crazy fusion that doesn't go together failed failed seizure. Kosher sushi yeah but yours was sent. So your san diego i. I always assumed. I didn't know that until i did some research. Research deep dive deep diving to people usually assume that you are that from an area like that. It makes sense to me now. Depends what season of life. I'm in. I guess like there was a moment there where people then started to assume groping is very much a surfer and even though my parents were are jewish. I'm jewish although nobody's religious. I didn't feel. I didn't having ended knowing the other jewish people kinship with it. Do they raise you with the religion at all. Like they never said the word god like ever but they made me go to hebrew school which i was so pissed about yon tedious on sunday. I gotta go downtown instead of doing whatever my friends are doing. And then you know and then get made fun of for it like a lot. Really not annoy. That ever bothered me it really. Didn't i think it was good natured enough. Even though the shit that was said was pretty mean. It was from my friends who did like me. So you know and other arabian anti-semitist. Just exactly that's exactly what we're they're not a lot of jewish kids in san let him my summer. Not in my school. I knew to And then i was surfing and not surfing. Either i'm not at the beach which i didn't grow up at the beach. So that was in other click and n And then i moved to la. And i was.

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