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Federal dot org, ensured by NCU. Good evening 7 28. Traffic and weather on the 8th and when it breaks and rich hunter in the traffic center of the city. Thank you dementia right now, even it had already been bad enough over a near Mount Vernon square in the convention center with the summit going on this week. Now there's been a crash which is only going to make things worse right at the intersection of Massachusetts avenue and 13th street northwest. That's just a couple of blocks over. Again, you're under police direction areas to try to quickly clear up a multi vehicle crash there with heavy response on scene. So again, be careful, Massachusetts having a 13th street, you're into police direction getting around the crash. Now if you're traveling in Maryland, southbound four, Pennsylvania avenue near three O one, crash had been along the left side, you were squeezing by a single file to write to ten southbound at old Ford roger had crash activity on both sides of the roadway. Again, you were squeezing by through the center of the roadway have not heard from the front of the line as of late, so be careful at its south on two tenant was already very slow, headed down toward that intersection. Now, if you're traveling in Virginia, there was a crash north 95 near the truck scales just before you get up to Dale City, looks like that's been moved over to the right shoulder. Add a loop as you head toward telegraph road right at the beginning of the split for the local lanes and the through lanes to crash in the left of the two lanes that become the through lanes headed toward the Woodrow walls from rich that you squeezing by their very carefully to the right. Interleukin remains slow coming out of Virginia across the American legion bridge to a point before river road where they had been one stopped in the left lane rich hunter W chip traffic. Your storm team four forecast as we track this approaching winter storm mostly cloudy tonight's sleet and freezing rain after midnight, mainly rain east of I

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