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Rate subject to change One 38 Let's head to the traffic center and rob stallworth That way delays top side on the inner loop as you the old Georgetown road headed toward Georgia avenue in a loop in prince George's county after of course at the BW Parkway headed toward four 50 getting the first report of a wreck there And saint Mary's county northbound and southbound Ford western shores boulevard all lanes are blocked in your under police direction for the crash in response once seen there We understand traffic is diverted on the 7 65 that's saint Leonard road as workaround two 14th central avenue westbound after Churchill the left lane gets you by the utility works known there I don't loop in Virginia headed toward I 66 That work is in the right lane in a loop after route 50 Arlington boulevard the right lane is blocked there for the work zone If you own 66 leaving 28 headed toward the fairfax county park where you still at the right lane log for the crash and respond to unseen New problems in Sterling north down 28 after the dulles toll road the Senate of the roadway block for the crash we squeezed by the two left lanes or at least one lane to the right in order to give by southbound I 95 you're on the brakes leaving Norton headed toward one 23 northbound fairfax county Parkway near Burke's in a Parkway the left lane gets you by the crash in response to unseen there so watch out for that Join federal resources March 1st and second at the MGM national harbor for critical solutions for the DoD and first responders at experience FR register at experience that far dot com It's more than an expo it's an experience I'm rob stallworth WTO traffic Now the forecast from storm team fours chuck bell Winter weather advisories remain in place for areas north and west of downtown Washington that's going to be the case the rest of today and tonight.

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