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They want to run the ball. And they wanna hold you under twenty points. That's their formula. If they wanna win I happen to believe they can run the football against Georgia. I think that can LSU in Florida. Both ran the ball pretty well against dogs and Kentucky's a better rushing team than both of them. So I think I think Kentucky can run the ball. Benny snell. Where you lose me is holding them under twenty. That's like that's the stretch to me. I think it's imperative because the Kentucky offense has not scored more than fifteen points in like a month. So I'm going to ruin the suspense a little bit here. I know we like to build to a crescendo. I don't think Kentucky's good enough on offense to win this game. They haven't looked that good in a full month. So Georgia wins the game. The question that I have for you is can Kentucky cover. Yes. Yes. They can. So what you did. Right now, is you began seasoning. My apprehension stew about this line with your Benny Snell verse George Rondi fence that has given up not a ton of. But people have been able to move the ball against the dogs on the ground. That's the first few shakes of seasoning. I would add we've got a home dog with a very good defense within the SEC a tough place. I don't think Lexington is a tier two below the top of the SEC. But this is by far the biggest game on the Kentucky home slates. Also, this is Georgia's second straight game away from home granted last week was not on campus. It was a neutral site game against Florida, but a potential letdown. Yeah. After that. So I'm just a man in chunks tie, adding chunks of ingredients to this apprehension Stu do. We want to we want to add a little body blow. Oh, maybe maybe body blow after last week's game never know. The. I mean, there was there was a lot of running after incomplete fully Franks passes. I guess what? I'm talking about tire. You out a little bit. I'm gonna take Kentucky to cover. I don't think. There is listen, I was gonna say I don't think there's enough firepower, but that would imply their firepower beyond you know, workmanlike effort from a workmanlike effort from Benny Snell because here's the thing. And I think you're right. And we'll move onto the next game. Mentally, I don't want to come off as mean-spirited. I swear to you. I dont, but this Kentucky offense is not average below average up and down inconsistent here there. This is a bad off. Yes. Thank you. This is a full on bad offense. That is not fun to watch rather watch a fun version of it. But they needed literally no time left in the game to get to what thirteen points last week trip. There is a weird bad penalty. So I have this is twenty two thirteen Georgia that the defense from from from Kentucky is good enough to hold Joe. George down for a chunk, but not the just the firepower is not there. I think I agree with you to the extent that Kentucky can muddy this game up to keep it interesting. I do think though Georgia wears down over the course of sixty minutes. I think the open it up late the way they did against Florida Kentucky is gonna try to do the same..

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