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Pfizer's ceo and chairman albert birla announced that the company has filed a request to the us food and drug administration for emergency use authorization of its covid. Nineteen vaccine making it the first to do so and a discussion on time. One hundred talks borlase says that. If the fda authorizes the vaccine the company will be ready within hours from receiving the green light to start distributing the vaccine. Pfizer has been manufacturing doses. Even wild safety and efficacy tests were ongoing in order to avoid delays in shipping wants authorized according to bora pfizer is on track to deliver the fifty million doses promised to the us government by the end of the year with one point three billion doses through year in an in depth conversation about the journey. The company has taken in developing its vaccine borel emitted that throughout the process. He wasn't always sure that having a safe and effective vaccine ready for fda review in less than a year was possible. Conviction is a part of it. So i was always telling our teams that we will make it and we will make it by october and if not us then who he says but i knew that it wasn't extremely risky suggestion. I knew it was going to be difficult. And the stars needed to be aligned. All the way to the end. Pfizer capitalized on a partnership begun. Twenty with german company bio intech which was founded by a husband and wife team of scientists with expertise in genetic technology called 'em aren a platform is fast and flexible for developing vaccines. Since it only requires knowing the genetic sequence of the virus the vaccine will target rather than growing and manipulating the virus. In question still. No 'em are in a based vaccine against an infectious disease had ever been approved so pfizer and bio intech began exploring whether influence might be the first instead when the pandemic hit a year later. The teams shifted their attention to sars covy to the novel corona virus. That causes covid nineteen with surprising. Success borlase says the partnership is built on a mutual focus on advancing science and the two companies began work including sharing confidential information before signing a formal contract since those agreements can take months in fact we are still finalising the contractual obligations. We have that we need to sign with them says paula. It's the perfect relationship for me to her. Shaheen bio and co founder and chief executive is a wonderful human being and a great scientist. He shares the same passion as i do about saving lives. And i'm very optimistic. That not only will we do very well together. Bringing a covid nineteen vaccine to the world but later hopefully a flu vaccine orla also believes the success of the pfizer biotech vaccine as well as that of massachusetts based biotech moderna which also has an m..

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