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Podcast throughout the week. But if you haven't make sure you check it out right after this today. I'm going to give you guys some injury. Updates recap in the biggest news. Stories of the week and sprinkling in a little preview of sunday's game against the san francisco forty niners with that. Let's get to. It will start things off with a few injury news and unfortunately there's not a lot of good news report as a handful of guys went down and very few returned. I mentioned this last week. But richie incognito suffered a leg injury and the final joint practice against the rams other than knowing. It's a cash rain. We still don't know the severity of the injury. But the athletics. Sean reid reported that incognito missed all week. The veteran likely wouldn't be playing this sunday even if he was healthy. So it's not terribly concerned at the moment but incognito calf is certainly something to keep an eye on as we inch closer to the regular season during his press conference after the game in la head. Coach jon gruden so the team hosts the guards ready to go week. One against the ravens quarterback qissan nixon exit the game against the rams early and was held out of practice this week. There haven't been many updates on knee injury so we don't know many specifics about the injury including the severity of it. I'd imagine nixon is comfortably on the right side of the roster bubble as a key contributor on special teams and should factor into the cornerback rotation this season so i don't think he necessarily needs to play on sunday. If the three year veteran is held held out of the game look for isaiah. Johnson who recently returned from an entry david ornette and or amick roberson to step up and take advantage the extra reps. I mentioned last week that it was a rough one for the raiders linebackers. And unfortunately this week. It didn't get any better nik. Witkowski missed practice again this week and there have been little to no updates on his. What's bothering him. In fact discussing the injury sue as linebackers during a press conference this week gruden even said that he's not going to give out any injury updates until he absolutely has to. The good news is the coach. Did seem somewhat confident. That could cousy will. Back in time for the monday night season-opener similar incognito nick moral also went down and practice in los angeles. The people in attendance made it seem like morals injury serious and gruden while still not giving complete info reinforced with everyone was saying the coach said that moral will be out for quote unquote. Awhile and there's injury was more serious than fell linebacker. Jason whites grew. Did say that white will also be out for a while. But to be honest this might be the best of a worst case scenario for white for those missed it the. Unlv product injured his knee against the rams and it looked like he was in a lot of pain as he got carted off the field. Personally i was worried that he tours. Aco but the raiders didn't put him on injured reserve. So that's a good sign. That white should return to the field. Soon in the meantime look for Linebackers tanner muse defined diablo. Max richardson to take advantage of the extra apps. Running back jalen rashard sill out and definitely with a foot injury so obviously he missed practice all week. Defensive and cleveland barrel and guard denzel. Good didn't practice this week though. No information was shared about their injuries. If an update comes on either of those two we to let you guys know about it moving onto the news of the week we'll start things off with a few roster transactions to get down to eighty players the raiders punter corless weightman park guard. Parker anger cornerback russell. Douglas wide receiver marcel. Eightman linebacker daringly and defensive. Tackle darius stills weightman anger come as no surprise since las vegas already has a good punter in aj cool and have plenty of depth on the interior of the offensive line. Douglas was a bit of a surprise since he's a veteran. Cornerback in the silver and black or rather inexperienced at the position but as he missed a few tackles during the game. The athletics victoria for tweeted. That douglas has been having a rough camp. Also it's been a few years since the five year pro has been very good though he did get picked up by the houston texans already after putting together. A nice performance in la was a bit of a shocker. To see eight and get let go granted. His game against the seahawks wasn't pretty. And i even said that i think is days later renumbered but the organization was probably doing a favor by cutting him sooner rather than later as eight minutes entering its fourth season in the nfl and was a long shot to make the final roster now he gets a chance to explore the open market a little bit early and potentially see if things work out somewhere else as for lee he was one of the many injured linebackers on the rosser. And we'll be reaching an injury settlement with the organization to be honest. I think this will likely mark the end of his career. And if it doesn't. I be surprised if he sticks around in the league. Much longer stills with another injured player who got the axe this week and this one is probably the most disappointing of the bunch a lot of people including myself thought he was a steel as an undrafted free agent signing but unfortunately he couldn't say healthy and i think we all know how much patience jon gruden has for. That still did clear waivers and was placed on the injured reserve so his tenure with the raiders on hold but far from over. Las vegas did make a few of the roster this week as well the i was resigning undrafted free agent dairy hamilton on tuesday. Hamilton started training camp in vegas on the non football illness list before getting released on august. Six but the raiders are in desperate need of a fourth tackle so the do product has a second life a decent chance at landing spot on the final roster or practice squad not a bad situation seeing as he didn't have an nfl home the last couple of weeks. Finally the team traded with the carolina panthers for linebacker denzel perryman in corresponding move cut to kuni. Who was only in the building for about a week. Th- raiders gave up six round pick and got back seventh in addition to payment from the panthers. That's an excellent trae for the silver and black who are in desperate need for his linebacker and only needed to swap a couple eight round picks and make it happen. Pyramid does have a long history history of zone. But las vegas needed somebody for the short term in the former. Charger has some familiarity with gus. Bradley system having played under him for the past. Four seasons and other non-roster related news legendary raiders wide receiver cliff. France was named to the pro football hall of fame. Senior committee nominee. That means the committee will vote on branches hall of fame candidacy next february. And if he gets at least eighty percent of their votes he's in being named the senior committee. Nominee also means branch will not be going against any other competition and traditionally the senior committee nominee gets voted in. And that's how. Ken stabler was elected back in two thousand sixteen..

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