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Yeah i agree and those decisions as they were made. I think were partially made by mike. Flanagan who knows kings work so intense. I now inside now. I mean he also wrote the screenplay and stephen king helped and helped make those decisions. So that's why that worked as well as it did. I thought it was brilliant. Also we have to talk briefly about how much mike flanagan fucking hates hands. Okay mike flanagan also directed gerald's game. Yes sure gerald's game has the infamous Gloving scene which you can listen to me. React to in real time about a year and a half into the archive. Sure in this movie. We get a close up of rose. The hats hand getting absolutely demolished in abbas mind palace or whatever. She gets her hand crushed by a filing cabinet and then it partially de gloves as she's trying to like fish it out to escape mike flanagan. What did hands due to you. Did hands like kill your parents. Are you good mike. I act lexi your beef with hands in the in the moment when i watched that scene i thought about how hands and fingers are a motif in the psychic vampire lore especially because of the relationship to Sexual assault and like that. Destruction being like the beginning of her downfall is like a pretty pretty classic. Mike flanagan metaphor as it goes My my man is an artist. Who fucking hates hates his. And i can call and respect that kills people old reference that one's for ou. Golden oldie millennials out. There i want to talk about all of the fucking easter eggs in this movie. Because it's almost the most interesting part of this movies. The easter eggs. It almost tried to hard. Yeah for people that can catch all of them like you and me is almost like yep okay. Yeah there's another one nineteen there. It is other worlds than this causa. Wheel check it out. The list fucking get. You sure. Do like stephen king. Bingo is such an overused metaphor. Now especially in our lord and savior's year twenty twenty one but the whole like. Oh yeah. Bingo card thing came out. There was one very specific detail from the production side. That i wanted to shout out. This is a very strange pulse. A bear with me in abbas room there are posters on the wall for the internet show. Ruby are wb y which was a rooster teeth production and is still going to this day. And it's like kind of anime. But not really and i think it's a really smart poll in terms of showcasing a piece of media that is very specific to like what tween would be interested in in the very specific years.

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