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And let's see Cowboys zero defense fourteen down was it was it was like crazy. I know there are a lot of people listening who are not old enough to remember that team Helling you right now that was the best football team ever assembled. The defense was ridiculous. And as you said McMahon was healthy. He wasn't even he missed quite a few game right here. When McMahon was healthy. They had an explosive offense. They had good receivers goal was a burner that Dennis McKinnon. They obviously they had Walter Payton who is perhaps on the tail end of his prime but still phenomenal. So that was it was the best team ever. Yeah. No. I don't I totally agree with you. And let's face it. The game. They did lose by the way. Mcmahon. Wasn't in there. Right. Okay. He was out partying, you know, the time before he knew he wasn't gonna play then they put them in a game. But that's another story. But they were clearly. You know, it's not even close. But I wish people would have seen that defense. And I was part of a great defense two thousand raven everybody talks about greatest ever. No. We broke records least amount of points ever given up. Okay. We get that in season. And when you put the play offs in there and all that, you know, it'd be about eight points game or something when you clue the place. So is a phenomenal defense. But you know, what people actually thought that they could do something against us. Well, here's what happened the difference with the eighty five bears. They were scared to death. Nobody wanted to play. And they knew there like oh my God. Let's just get through this game. Dennis Thurman told me he was the third string quarter. So he's starting safety for Dallas. But he was the emergency quarterback. They came to him, you know during the game. They're like, listen Dennis. You may have to go in there. And all that goes say, listen, I'm not doing anything. I'm not even handing a ball. I'm taking a knee. So if you put me, and I'm. Taking. That's what they were at Becca. And so I was gonna ask you about the two thousand ravens because you on that staff, and that is the defense that when we talk about the great ones, we owe at feels like that's the progression eighty five bears two thousand raven. Right. How were they different? Well, we never knocked you know, we weren't knocking quarterbacks out like that. And and we weren't blitzing. Like, we're my dad would blitz every snap. Like, you talk about some of these all the blitz. No. No, no, no, no this guy. My dad would just totally you know, just his whole goal was knocked the quarterback out. And he blitzed you from the first played in a lash play never cared. They were up forty points on you. That's how he did. And that's how his team was built. Look that team. Never had a college corner on it. They had safety's. So that I don't care. What you just knock the hell? The guy line scrimmage. You. Gotta cover him for two seconds. That was the truth that was it the team that I was with blitz. Very rarely. But we were so technically sound fundamentals. We had some dominant players up front in the running game. And we the best player in the world. And Ray Lewis. So that was it. But when you look at them, we are an excellent defensive team and. You know, it was led by that that front four and all that stuff that that did a good job. But it wasn't anything as near as intimidating as that bear defense. Now, if I'm remembering this, right Brian Billick is the head coach of that team. Two guys win the Super Bowl Marvin Lewis was the defensive coordinator. And what were you coaching? I was the D line coach. So you were coaching that would be Siragusa those guys saragousse. I and funny thing is when I went there greeny, they told me these guys were done. Okay. We're going to you know, build and all that. And I was like, no they're not done. They had they doing some crazy things Siragusa as a natural left handed guy. First thing. I did. I mean, right defensive tackle. So he can play with his left hand down just little things like that..

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