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With my bookie. You play. You win. You get paid to personally, even though the trainers said something else as well. You know? So man, I might have a flashback super-g a little bit. You know? Tiny bait in the middle -tory. But I I don't know, man. Speaking on the arrest of the the vision, there's a big fight coming up on a may fourth. I think the bio Cannella when Danny Jacobs. How do you see going? To me. I'm a huge fan of Cannella. But I'm also a real big fan of Danny Jacobs. He was actually wanted to first professional fighters that I start watching on TV Amazon porter. To me. It depends on what Danny Jacobs has come into the fight. If Danny Jacobs is literally stick into boxing. I think we personally it might not be exciting for everybody to watch. But that Danny Jacobs is going to win if he just box he just touched and he moved away. I in visit him to do. He's gonna win. I'm not saying it's gonna be an easy fight. You know, because, you know, canal smart Canellas meant doing this this whole life as well. But I believe that you know, the range that that that. Then Jacobs have in the fact that you know, Cannella last few fights, you know, his movement ain't been the same. Yeah. He moves his buddy real well. But his his legs, you know. They don't move so dinky wearing these knee braces may look like stone coast. I'm just saying that I got love, Dan. Oh saying. A lot of people are saying that thing I'm getting kind of worried like what was really going on way having but a lot of players. I'm all here in Kelly about here and Southern Cal. So when when when when when people start talking about third and fighters, I'm here to air out, nobody. But when I hear certain things, I go, you know, what I'm saying? Like, I said, I don't think so close to where I'm listening to the conversations, but I'm close enough to hear was going on. So like, oh, no Danny do these to do the house and don't be surprised if you hear and the new. Okay. Will you thoughts on the market Garcia an early misfire? A couple of weeks. Man, I like, Mikey. But I I'm I'm a I'm a huge fan of Spanish. And I thought you know, Mike is a good fighter. And he is good for getting good fights, you know, tough fights. But that fight man. He shouldn't have took. He had no business in the ring with Earl Spence Earl did exactly would he came out to do man. He he didn't have the knockout. But he beat him up every round. It didn't like in my opinion. He didn't have to knock him out you deal with you were supposed to do. He did what I thought he was going to do Mike Garcia. So that like, you said, it was a lot tougher and gamer, but now we have to deal with the fact that, you know, we don't know how much did that affect Mikey Garcia? Hopefully, it didn't he and his the rest of their careers prosperous..

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