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I'm John bachelor this is the John Batchelor show I welcome congressman Devin notice ranking on house intelligence also a representing the San Joaquin Valley I am corrected not only the bread basket but the fruit and vegetable basket for the solar system hi we are dressing his podcast however because everything's coming together be two in Devon's two worlds the world of California and the splendor of the sand marking valley and the world of Washington and the work that he and his colleagues have conducted these last years since the twenty sixteen election to reveal what we can so far of russiagate and the attendant scandal now learning more about the defaming of general Michael Flynn a decorated war hero and was the director of the intelligence agency and now a man waiting sentencing for lying to a federal officer congressman Nunes Devin a very good evening to you I mention your podcast immediately we will return to your conversation with Chuck Ross of the daily caller who is Chuck Ross and when did you first meet him because we'll get into the substance of your podcast soon enough good evening to you to have thank you John one of the things I'm trying to do on my podcast that comes out every Friday and you're so gracious to let me come on and talk about it is I want to highlight those true investigative reporters I have now just determined they through dealing with the mainstream media for so long but what it really is and I think the way that Republicans and conservatives and and hopefully independent Americans would view the process is simply the operations arms the communications arm of the Democratic National Committee and I made this point several times that you know Republicans that go on to these shows whether it's television or or the cable shows the cable wires or talking to the print media you're really just you might as well just walk into the DNC headquarters have all their lawyers their president and just submit yourself to a murder board with all the cameras on because it's just all they're doing is playing gotcha and the even the president United States I don't understand why he calls on these and I re I realize he likes to jobs with these reporters and argue with them and and he beats them tactically but the problem is in the long run they cut and paste what they want to do and I and I just don't think Republicans should be talking to them because they should be treated for what they are their arms of the Democratic National Committee they worked for the Democratic National Committee directly or indirectly and the that can be as we learn through cut outs what which I'm sure we'll talk about later like D. or the DNC and the Clinton campaign hired Christopher Steele fusion GPS who then go enough feed information to build narratives in the media and there's there's hundreds of them hundreds of inmates and I estimate it's up to ninety percent so what I want to do is highlight the few and real investigative journalists that are that are out there but Chuck Ross who writes for the daily caller he's adopting a guest on your show and I wanted to give him an opportunity to talk about him personally how I got into into journalism and what it's like to be one of the few real investigative reporters because you know if you if you really take this on its on its face you know there's hundreds and hundreds of so called journalists that are simply just DNC operatives this should be sued for defamation and slander and libel and they did it over and over and over again and in fact many were involved in the conspiracy because as Lee Smith point at point on his book many of them took the information from the DNC Clinton campaign and both the proto dossiers and then later the infamous Steele dossier's SMS really what that was it was just a simple Google search find some names find some Russians find some people connected to the to the trump campaign then plant a bunch of stories during the the hell out of them and look it's impossible to believe that these that these people in the press they're working for like I said they're they're essentially indirectly working for the Democratic National Committee they were in on it they were totally in on it and there's so many examples of it it's overwhelming so yeah I think we should you know when you won a Pulitzer Prize for conservatives and Republicans in any model any independent out there a Pulitzer prizes really that surprised given by the Democratic National Committee for Hey congratulations you took our propaganda are libel or defamation you successfully wrote about what we wanted you to write about it here's your price that's what the Pulitzer should really be about it's about it's about being a political operative so I don't know what we're gonna name it right now but but we need a a we need a price the American people need a prize for the last few remaining investigative journalists and so Chuck Ross of the machine he somebody I did meet him until C. pack and that and that's the only time I've actually ever met him in person I've only talked to a few times but when I say he's a machine John you know I mean yeah if he checks out the stories very very quickly on the Russia hoax stop and he saw things that even our team of investigators didn't see interviewed people that we weren't familiar with and is done and done a hell of a job I want to turn to watch across is writing now that Michael Flynn and what you read and learn about your investigation of Michael Flynn's I have three years of torment however checking on California Devon much in the news forty million people our success of flattening the curve congratulations and yet governor Newsom remains determined to keep the beaches of California close this is a puzzle for all the rest of us in America that wish we had your weather I cannot reason easily how it is going to the beach and putting your feet in the Pacific Ocean is a risk of the virus is there something in California that's different these days there seem to be a whole lot of people in the bluest of states pushing against governor Newsom well the the funny thing is is about when this all started five six weeks ago one of the concerns I had was that there was a run all the grocery stores you know the cost goes in the big the walmarts the big box stores people going in and buying everything and I said at the time and you know look this is like a this is the panic buying we need some leadership here you know if you want social distancing you don't want people to to be around each other we probably ought to stop these mosh pits that are being created at the grocery stores I said that over and over and over again to no avail until finally a few weeks ago they started they began to put in the social distancing up sixty so now you go to the big box stores and you got us for those of you been there you stand out a little a lot of them put little stickers down on the floor you have to stand on the sticker and then one one cart moves and then you move ahead which is fine and that makes some sense in this orderly for social distancing to insure one now mandated masks now through all of the stores about that but the problem has been it's made no sense why did you shut off these wide open parks that are that are sitting empty you you made it look like a murder scene you know me all over California where there's this yellow tape for you or you you can't even get into it what's happening is people are parking on the street parking everywhere to take their dogs and they're still going out to these parts of the same is true for the beaches and the part that's hard to understand if it's if it's okay to go to a mosh pit then you turn the mosh pit at the grocery store that much but then you turn it into okay everybody have to be six feet away okay got it well there's gotta be some should should of some kind it's okay to take your dog for a walk in the park there has to be I you know if you if you could do six feet in the grocery store Maspeth can you do sixteen feet and then and a wide open Parker on a California beach if you can't do sixteen P. can you do twenty six feet can you do fifty six C. K. two four miles you know I don't know John but it makes no damn sense and nobody understands it and it's funny he almost seems to be punishing certain beaches over others right Orange County lows but Ventura county is open and I understand the counties to the north near Oregon are open as well not defiantly sort of like what gives here we're we're gonna have a good weather we can't well what I what I was gonna say is San Diego the merit San Diego who's a Republican who is likely going to be the challenger to Gavin Newsom he went out first thing in the morning yesterday when Newsome you know did this crazy beach closer closer issue and said it Hey we're not doing it governor here's you know here's the pictures we did this we are beach was open we all practice social distancing and the governor had the pictures the ready to go I mean the the mayor of San Diego Kevin Dr had the pictures ready to go and of course lonely hold govern you know good governor Newsom backed down to the mayor of San Diego which I think is the healthcare just political cowardice and I have no idea why he's punishing the people of Orange County it makes it makes absolutely no sense to me I noticed that Jeff blisters on your show a lot he was he had the fake news you know where they were showing crowded pictures of the beach however the picture was not even from the from wet weather from last weekend it was from you know some crowded you know July fourth day or something so you know here you have the the the here's another example the mainstream media working for the Democrats essentially routine to keep everything close I mean it's become a political fight here over you know that that Moscow it's a grocery stores are okay as long as you are you're masking tape six feet apart but if you're born skin Orange County beach we're gonna throw fake news that you were going to keep you close down come hell or high water it makes absolutely no sense and John just one more story I think you'll appreciate that from the very people is so you can in my in my district you have furniture stores that are closed and we have a we have a local printer guy who said okay you know I'm gonna have I'm be open by appointment or just one person comments social distance look at furniture and you can buy furniture online and.

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