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Oh you're listening to joe rogan jordan peterson whatever i think that if you're interested in ideas like you should be listening to all sorts of people all sorts of ideas even if you don't agree with them because you're still going to get something out of their conversation you're going to understand how the other party or whatever it is thinks and like you can't get that from a tweet from a one sentence or one line that you hear a podcast and so if you're taking bits and pieces for one i'm listening to latching onto that i don't know you're not gonna get a lot out of it but a lot of people peterson misogynist hate him for like random headlines that still are not depicting him in the way that he was trying to like you know you have to listen to the to our interview can't listen to the whatever the fuck headline was taken for anything i don't care what side your own you've been red pilled don't get the red pill reference it's from the matrix seen it it's like at a certain point when you start to realize that the liberal media like at a certain point in almost every guy's life i guess seven point they sort of start to realize that there's this like weird media liberal conspiracy with all kind of like working together to sort of shape public opinion into making everybody thinks that everybody thinks certain way i don't usually think about it and quite that way but i do feel like i'm getting to the point where you do you do accept and realize that the mainstream media has smear joined peterson as something right he's a clinical psychologist i completely agree with so many your way in that way in to realize that you can't trust anything else on the news not not anything but you can't trust a lot of things about social particularly people told me that this i've been like that since college because they did a whole class on making us be like question every sort of study or article we saw like just make sure it's not pseudoscience make sure it's not that there was a moment where you stopped being an off the deep end social justice royer for any particular reason or sort of slowly fado after college i wasn't on to enter the real world on twitter i wasn't like really involved in what was going on at all but now this like probably years since i've been dating you just like realizing that they could see a headline like grips at your heart and you're like oh my god this is so wrong then you look into it a little more on you're like wait this is actually kind of insane that this was painted this way because it doesn't seem like it was really happening here in the wage gap no trying to get my audience to hate me don't do this will make a throw thing like oh she's not a feminist believing the way jeff it's not like that at all i just like i understand the other pieces going on behind the fact that there's this whole seventy nine cents dollar thing like the with you have commutes planed career choices pregnancy people who choose to focus on taking care of their families that kind of thing that's that's what i would say and it's not that there's no wage gap is that there is a way to exist for a reason that's pretty explainable and it's not based on discrimination by employers but you know i was told when i was in college when i took classes about gender studies whatever to exactly like they the california public university that i went to that was funded by the government was also feeding me lie sometimes i have had girlfriends where we couldn't really get past the wage gap no i i'm open enough and critical enough to see that but i do think that like i do think that there's like boys and girls and that's pretty much it sixties renders i do think sex's on a on there's a sexual orientation.

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