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For Spain and fits here on ESPN radio. Kevin I have really bad news for you. I just got word that I was just hired as your editor at ESPN dot com. And I'm commissioning a new article for you. Okay. We're ranking the candidates for these head coaching jobs who are you putting in the number one spot the most desirable candidate on the market who is plausible is who. You know, the interesting thing is that Adam gays the Miami head coach who just got fired it fits the profile of what so many teams are looking for in terms of being somebody who has a long history of working with quarterbacks and making them better. You could argue that even to that Ryan tannehill. And that the issue was Ryan tannehill was injuries as much as anything. I think he probably fits the profile of what more teams are looking for right now than anything. So in terms of the pursuit of him and the intensity of the pursuit of him. I think it's going to be very high. Personally, if it were up to me, I would I would suggest that all those teams expand their pool a little bit more than that nothing is Adam gays, but as I mentioned earlier special teams coaches, I know, that's that's not a popular choice or discussion point among slot of fans and won't be too many fans of a franchise it their team hires a special teams coach Dave top and in Kansas City or. Jerry Rosberg Baltimore that would be very thrilled. But we're all know how it worked for John Harbaugh. I think it was pretty good there. And I think that's really a until frill ground of of of candidates. If teams would expand and look at those guys. Well, Kevin if those are the best candidates. What is the best job right now? You know, there's there's a few you always look at at the Rosser, but most importantly the quarterback. And so in Cleveland, you have the, you know, arguably the rookie of the year quarterback Baker Mayfield who just an extraordinary rookie season and somebody that that looks that looks hungry and coach at the same time. So it's crazy. The sound. I think Cleveland is way up there. I think the jets will be up there too. It's a little bit less of a attractive job. I think even though Sam darnold there. I don't know that the talent is there as well. At least I would say Cleveland is crazy than sounds has more talented roster. Green Bay will be up there to a because just the history of it. You know, very lot of coaches who think that that head coach of the Green Bay Packers as the best job in football. And so that will carry a lower. There's certainly you would hope some good years left with Aaron riders a future hall. Famer. So that's that's important as well. So those are the three teams I think that jump out to me that people will be excited to interview for Kevin..

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