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Hey the main he's money out if that means they can't bring paul georgian i think all this is just like the harry taylor don't you think all this is a fairytale world oleg by the last few years in the lamarcus old libor casse remake you as we can put you in movies and i i guess i believe a lot of this is is sunshine and rainbows in unicorns in lebranchu coming and paul george cut hey hey hey what i see is the team is better with julius randle on the floor i'll give you one more of those the the there are seven of of the time i saw this flew flew over twitter of the seven lineups the lakers have the seven best lineups they have it a played more than ten minutes were just you know middle east might give credit to the latest film strikers firm ya are the other night de vera lynn me and humana will pay that to me in his money all seven of them he beat me fair and square uh all seven of them have julius randle all y'all leave would fail i'm just you know that comedian money does pelinka sit across the desk with a thing a trail oreo oreo that happened just oh he's a very thin eats what is the pelita eclipse howery what's his tell it it's not oreos he's to think it's bible quilt maybe his tell owning i am from silk silicon valley yeah pizza anna from heaven his his his alexa says something aviators that maybe it's our efforts you know my face.

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